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Who is Thomas Kralow and What is University Grade Trading Education?

For those who don’t know, Thomas Kralow is a millionaire trader who created a program called University Grade Trading Education.

Unlike most other trading courses out there, Thomas Kralow’s course is designed to take several months to complete. In fact, I hesitate to even call it a course because it’s much more than that – it’s a full-blown training and mentorship program if used correctly.

Thomas Kralow Reviews - Is Thomas Kralow Legit

The sad reality is that most online trading courses are short and lousy. They make bold promises and profit claims based on you learning some basic pattern or setup. But these things alone simply don’t work reliably within the dynamic market environment.

What’s required for durable, long-term trading success is not only the understanding of technical/fundamental analysis, risk/money management, proper mindset/psychology, and more – but also the acquisition of legitimate skills in each of these areas.

Essentially, where most trading courses are lacking, Thomas Kralow’s program excels. Instead of just throwing a bunch of information at subscribers, Thomas Kralow’s program offers homework assignments and tests for students to truly internalize concepts.

Below you’ll get the chance to hear much more about Thomas Kralow’s background and trading program from the man himself.

Learn More About Thomas Kralow and His Trading Education Program in This Detailed Q&A:

Go inside the mind of multi-millionaire trader/investor/entrepreneur, Thomas Kralow, to understand his story and exactly why he created his fast-growing trading education program – University Grade Trading Education – in the detailed Q&A below:

Q1. MATT THOMAS: What Was Your Path to Becoming a Trader and How Long Did it Take to Become Consistently Profitable?


It has been quite a challenging path to any kind of consistency. It wasnt easy, by any means. It had taken me around six months of constant learning from my mentor. That’s how I learned, by the way – I had a mentor. I am not self-taught. It took me around six months with somebody who is a professional in this industry to teach me all the all of the ins and outs of this business for me to even stand a chance of making any money in the markets. So, the education process took around six months. After which I got into real money trading with a small amount of money. The first steps were quite unsuccessful, but as I progressed I was getting better and better. Overall I would say that I reached some kind of consistency on the third or fourth month since the beginning of real money trading. Therefore, in total I would say that it took about 9 to 12 months before I could say that I was trading more or less consistently.

Q2. MATT THOMAS: What Were Your Main Reasons For Creating a Full-Blown Learning Program For Traders?


I had a quite a few reasons. The primary reason was the burnout. I have traded actively for quite a few years, and the constant stress got to me. Any real trader will tell you that it’s impossible to make money constantly. It’s possible to make it consistently, but not constantly. That means that you are constantly going through ups and downs. And in active trading, those can be drastic. One month you might make $100,000, just to lose $50,000 the next month. Overall it’s still a very good profit; however, try working 12 hours per day for 30 days just to lose $50,000. It hits you hard. And it did hit me hard as well. Especially in the last 2 years before I decided to create my own trading education that anyone could use.

I wanted a break to try out new things and work on other projects that I had in mind, without sacrificing the size of my income. Therefore, my learning programs are a business for me. And a big one. I am always as transparent as possible and I don’t hide behind “noble motives”. I simply provide a great service for money. That’s it. It certainly makes me happy to have so many satisfied students though. Thousands, actually. However, it does not mean that my trading days are over. I am still trading, just more long-term, plus I have launched a few other cool projects in the last 12 months, and have 2 more to launch in the near future, which will provide me with a very nice cash flow. Once that’s done, I will be getting back into active trading. But it will be on a whole other level. I am currently building one of the coolest trading floors in Dubai. Which will lay the groundwork for my ultimate goal – my own hedge fund.

Q3. MATT THOMAS: What Are the Biggest Mistakes New Traders Make and How Does Your Program Help With These Issues?


There are many mistakes that lead traders to big losses. But there are two that stand out the most. One of the biggest mistakes is lack of practice. People are always in a rush to complete the course/learning program and jump right into real money trading. Most explain their lack of patience using standard claims – have to support my family, want to be rich fast, need to clear my debt, etc. They are so excited to make millions that they forget that trading is one of the hardest and most competitive jobs in the world. Which means that it cannot be easy and that it requires a lot of practice.

Why is Day Trading So Hard - The Realities of Day Trading

Theory can be easy to understand; however, trading with real money right away is nothing short of jumping into an abyss. It takes time for the information to sink in. It requires a lot of screen time to start navigating through the markets efficiently. That’s why I have developed a very comprehensive method of practice trading that every student has to go through upon the completion of the learning program. It helps avoid unnecessary risk, pressure, and potential large monetary loss. The second biggest mistake is disregard for trading psychology. We are humans, which means that we can be easily manipulated by the market. Those traders who do not learn about these pitfalls are bound to experience the terrible consequences of things like overtrading. My learning program includes incredibly useful tips and techniques that help traders stay in control of their trading and not let the market get under their skin.

Q4. MATT THOMAS: What Do You Think Sets Your Trading Program Apart From Other Courses and Services in the Industry?


Quite a few things, actually. My Complete Learning Program is the most detailed one on the market. It takes roughly 5 months to complete. Plus the practice stage. Therefore, my education is already in a league of its own. I have seen the material of my top competitors in this industry. Their product is good, I cannot say anything bad about it, mostly. However, I find my learning programs to be much more detailed and much more logical. Trading is complicated and simply throwing a bunch of complex information on people is not the best way to go. It’s a fast way, but not the best way. Therefore, I built my learning programs in the A-Z format with a huge amount of practical work in the process. That’s the reason why there are over 80 practical assignments, 150+ quizzes, and a huge final exam at the end. And we issue a certified diploma. Certification is also something that sets me apart from my competitors. My education is CPD Certified, which is close to non-existent in the world of trading education.

There are quite a few other aspects that set me apart from my competition. It would be a very long list. One being that I don’t teach just one precise strategy. Any pro trader will tell you that any strategy has its flaws and does not work all the time; therefore, you need a combination of strategies and tools. And thats what I teach – a combination of strategies and tools. This gives my students the ability to stay flexible in the markets. The same goes for the markets and products themselves. Sticking to just one instrument can be quite difficult. And most of my competitors teach to trade just one market – forex, stocks, futures, options, or crypto. I teach how to trade anything and how to adjust to any market depending on market conditions. And again, this makes my students very flexible. It’s also worth mentioning that I don’t just teach dry technical analysis. My programs cover dozens of topics that are often missing in other courses/programs. Such as: trading psychology and mindset, fundamental analysis, macro analysis, combining day trading with long-term investing, trading statistics, trading algorithm development, and many more.

Thomas Kralow Trading Academy TrustPilot Reviews

Lastly, not a single one of my top competitors covers the topic of systematic practice trading. I have developed a very detailed method of practice with a demo account before switching to real money trading. It would take a while to describe how it all works. But the end result of my way of practice trading helps students overcome psychological barriers and transition to real money trading smoothly. Many say the following: ”Demo trading is easy, real money trading is hard.” I do not believe this to be true at all. Traders who say this have no clue what they are doing and have no control over their trading. When you are properly educated, have tested your skills on more than 1,000 trades (the number of trades differs depending on trading style), and have compiled super detailed statistics on those trades to measure your consistency – you will feel no difference between demo trading and real money trading. Which gives an incredible edge over other retail traders. 

Q5. MATT THOMAS: What is the Best Way For a New Student to Get the Most Out of Your Trading Program?


It’s imperative to follow each single recommendation that is given during the learning program, complete every assignment, take each test and practice when it’s recommended. Never skip a lesson if something is unclear. Always go back and study till it’s all crystal clear. Lastly, those who do not take notes will probably have problems later, because they will not have anything to go back to later on and will be forced to start over. Taking very detailed notes is crucial!

Q6. MATT THOMAS: What is the Most Popular Program Package Amongst Students and Why Do You Think That is the Case?


The Assisted Package is the most popular one. It brings great value without spending too much money. With the assisted package students get a personal assistant assigned to them for the duration of the learning program. The assistant checks, grades, and offers professional feedback on each individual assignment submitted by the student. Students can ask as many questions as they want and get personalized feedback from an expert. The learning material is complex, and most opt to have a helping hand while going through the program.

Thomas Kralow Program Packages - Standard, Assisted, and Assisted Plus

Q7. MATT THOMAS: If You Had to Pick Just One Chapter/Section of Your Curriculum as Most Important, Which One Would it Be?


This is an impossible task. Each chapter is crucial and is a part of a huge mechanism. It will all fall apart if we take out even one chapter.

Q8. MATT THOMAS: What is the Most Common Complaint You Hear About Your Trading Program and How Do You Respond to it?


I get incredible feedback on all of my learning programs, but there certainly are some occasional naysayers. For the most part it’s about the price of my education. I have priced my education accordingly, and it’s by far not the most expensive one. But, it does not cost $9.99 either. So, there sometimes are people who don’t want to pay the price. Which is ok, it’s understandable. My team always explains that we have expenses too. Which is true. We have large marketing budgets, web traffic costs, salaries of over 20 people, gifts and diplomas for each student (each student gets an awesome package sent to his/her address), etc.

Q9. MATT THOMAS: Can You Share a Success Story That Stands Out From One of Your Students?


There are quite a few students that are showing incredible results that surpass even my personal bests.

One of the best results was shown by an Italian student who consistently made over 1,000 points per month for many months in a row. He mostly trades futures on DAX, NASDAQ, and DOW.

Q10. MATT THOMAS: Any Last Thoughts or Parting Words For Individuals Considering Your Trading Program?


Learn from the best before risking your money in the markets! Some are reluctant to spend money on education. But for some reason they have no problem losing thousands of dollars in the markets due to their ego, as well as incompetence. I am not even talking about the time factor. Time is worth more than any amount of money. My learning program takes roughly 5 months to complete and it leaves no stone unturned. While other traders are spending years, and sometimes even decades to learn all the same things by trial and error. If that extra time is not worth the cost of my education, then I don’t know what is. Be smart and see you at the lessons!

Overall, Is Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education Program Worth Pursuing?

When I think about what Thomas Kralow’s trading program offers in relation to the dozens of other trading courses and services I’ve personally been through over the years, one main thought comes to mind – that I wish this program existed when I first started.

Because instead of wasting thousands of dollars and years of time on lousy courses, alert services, and chat rooms, I could’ve just focused on legitimate training and mentorship right from the start – and reached a point of consistent profitability much sooner.

|Discover 3 Great Ways to Start Learning From Thomas Kralow For Free|

Thomas Kralow Biography - Who is Thomas Kralow

|Check Out My Complete Thomas Kralow Review For Full Details on His Trading Program|

It’s quite an ironic circumstance. As a beginner, you think that these shortcuts are the cheaper, more effective path to trading profits. But what actually happens is that these get-rich-quick systems just make your path harder, longer, and more expensive.

In the moment, the courses, programs, and services offering hot picks, magical indicators, and foolproof systems sound so enticing. But in the long-run, they’re ineffective. Trading success isn’t anywhere near as easy as many fake gurus want you to believe.

So if you want to pursue day trading at a serious level, make sure to focus on training and mentorship that sets proper expectations and teaches a well-rounded approach for sustainable success. You have to put the work in – there’s no cheating the market.

Please share your comments and questions about Thomas Kralow and his trading education program in the comments section below.

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Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Shalisha Alston says:

    Honestly, I’m afraid to invest in a trading course online because there are so many scams. There are so many platforms that promise to make you rich, or make unrealistic promises and time frames in which you’ll become successful. I believe being successful is a matter of wanting it badly enough and then putting in the long hours.  What I don’t like about Thomas Kralow’s program is that it doesn’t tell you how much it costs up front. It asks you to sign up for this, sign up for that…I would rather know what something is going to cost upfront.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Shalisha – I appreciate your comments!

      I completely understand the hesitation in signing up for an online trading course because the reality is that most of them are lousy or downright scams. It’s sad, but true. This is why I’ve written so many articles like this one to help guide people in finding legitimate ones. So far, Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education program is one of the only ones I truly recommend – because he sets proper expectations (doesn’t make unrealistic promises) and his full course is designed to take each student about five months to complete. You just don’t see this sort of thing in the trading education space. Most courses are marketed along the lines of something like “learn my foolproof strategy and start profiting within days” – but it’s all nonsense. Thomas Kralow’s program isn’t like that at all – he’s completely transparent and honest about the realities of trading.

      As far as him asking you to sign up for this and that, and not saying what the cost of his program is upfront – I’m not 100% sure what you’re referring to (maybe the newsletter or webinar on his website?). But if you click on the “educational programs” tab or “learn more” buttons, features of his program and costs are broken down in detail. It would be kind of difficult for him to display his program prices everywhere – especially when he offers a handful of different packages at varying price points (basic, shortened, complete, standard, assisted, assisted plus, etc.). Depending on the exact package you choose, the price can range from about $100 to nearly $20,000. The most popular program, however, is the Assisted Complete Program which is in the $2,000 to $3,000 range. Overall, I don’t think Thomas Kralow is keeping his program costs hidden – it just wouldn’t make sense for him to display them everywhere.

  • Miriam Mechelli says:

    I really like what Kralow says: people aren’t willing to spend on their education, but throw money out the window because of costly mistakes they could have limited or avoided if they had studied.
    I like people like him who consider trading a serious discipline and want to teach it properly.

    Does the course need a foundation to be understood or does it teach you everything from scratch?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Miriam – I completely agree.

      I’ve seen tons of prospective traders immediately scoff at the price of proper education, training, and mentorship. But then take thousands of dollars and dive straight into markets completely unprepared. It’s really quite hypocritical. When it comes to proper training, it immediately gets written off as “too expensive”. But then these same people go and essentially gamble away thousands of dollars by trading without any sort of rules or plans. In most (if not all) cases, however, people would be far better off taking the time to properly educate, train, and develop themselves first. I don’t say this to demean anybody either because I was essentially one of these people too when I first started. No way was I going to spend thousands of dollars on a training program. But guess what happened with that mentality? I ended up losing over $20K over the course of several years on terrible subscription services and the subsequent losses I experienced due to improper education and training. I would’ve been far better off putting my money, time, and effort into a program Like Thomas Kralow’s right from the start. In fact, I wish it existed back then.

      The course doesn’t include absolutely everything – and no course ever will – but it’s more comprehensive than any other one that I’ve personally experienced. And it starts with basic concepts and builds from there. So the first few chapters that cover many of the basics should help individuals of all levels build the necessary foundation for success. But as I always say, this particular course is about far more than just the information/knowledge that Thomas Kralow shares. It’s much more about you as the student taking the concepts, internalizing them, and applying them on your own through homework assignments, tests, interactive tasks, and demo trading. At the end of the day, it’s about skill-building and self-sufficiency – not dependency like so many other lousy trading services offer. While others services focus on providing watch lists, hot picks, and alerts for their subscribers, Thomas Kralow’s trading program actually focuses on helping you attain the skills to operate in the market all by yourself. The end goal is for each student to develop their own strategy/approach – or “personal trading algorithm” as Thomas calls it. In the end, what he has to offer is far more authentic than what the rest of the industry does.

  • Daniel Tshiyole says:

    It seems like Thomas Kralow knows a lot about trading. He would be someone perfect to mimic if you really want to make it in the industry. I will be sure to do more research on him and share this article with everyone I know who is trading 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I respect Thomas Kralow quite a bit – not just in regard to his own trading success, but mainly for the way he goes about teaching it to others.

      His program isn’t some shortcut or quick-fix like most of the industry seems to offer (ie. alert/signal services, foolproof systems, etc.), but rather an in-depth training on multiple facets of trading success. This includes technical and fundamental analysis, risk/money management, tracking statistics, and even developing your own individual system – or “personal trading algorithm” as he calls it. With homework assignments, interactive tasks, and tests throughout, the program is immersive and helps students actually internalize concepts and skills. The bottom line is that it’s the real way to approach becoming a consistently profitable trader; not just some get-rich-quick nonsense.

  • Ngangadu says:

    Nothing that makes you good money is easy and it makes one wonder why trading is advertised brightly by burying the other side to it. Giving the facts and what to truly expect is something that only genuine people or programs do so certainly Thomas Kralow passes that doubt point – his product seems genuine. Generally his website itself is enticing and very informative. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Ngangadu – I appreciate your comments.

      Many trading courses, programs, and services are advertised as get-rich-quick programs simply to make sales. The individuals selling them don’t necessarily care that they’re ineffective. They just want to highlight dreams and lifestyle elements – like cars, mansions, and stacks of cash – in order to attract attention. Sadly, this sort of thing is what the majority of people actually want. I’ve seen it so many times before. You take a video that focuses on building legitimate trading skills (providing content that is actually valuable) and then you take a video that shows a trading guru driving a Lamborghini (providing zero educational content) – and the latter is going to get at least 10X the views and engagement. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.

      I don’t necessarily think it’s right for trading gurus to advertise in this way, but I completely understand why they do. To a degree, they almost have to – otherwise they risk not getting noticed and will most likely go out of business. This is a major reason why it’s so hard to find high-quality trading mentors because it’s not easy to make sales by telling people the truth – that trading is hard and requires commitment. There’s no easy way out through alert/signal services and chat rooms. You have to develop legitimate technical and mental skills. When people hear this, they usually run the other way because it sounds difficult – and people prefer the path of least resistance. They want the highest reward for the least amount of effort.

      This is why I respect trading educators like Thomas Kralow who set proper expectations right from the start and teach the real path to durable trading success. He literally created a course designed to take five months to complete, while other so-called trading gurus are quick to promise you immediate profits through their hot picks, magical indicators, and foolproof systems. But what you end up realizing, sooner or later, is that all of that stuff is nonsense. The only way to achieve long-lasting success in the markets is by acquiring the necessary skills to effectively function and adapt over time based on your own schedule, risk tolerance, and personal preferences – and that’s what I think University Grade Trading Education can provide for individuals who are willing to devote the time and effort to legitimate education and training.

  • George says:

    I haven’t done much day trading outside of Forex, but I’ll be looking into what Thomas Kralow has to offer.  Precisely because his training covers a lot of other things that I would like to get into in the future.

    What attracted me to Forex is that it’s so liquid and you can trade long or short easily.  Forex has been trending toward lower volatility, that’s why I stopped Forex trading temporarily.  Thomas Kralow’s course seems to offer a much more comprehensive set of markets to trade.

    I need to have other types of trading for more flexibility.  If something stalls then I can move over to something else that better suits my trading needs.

    Just wondering, do you agree with Kralow’s recommendation of the Assisted package?  I can understand why he would recommend it (as a middle of the road option, not too expensive and also much better than independent learning).  At the same time, it seems like the Assisted Plus package is at least worth considering.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi George – I appreciate your comments and questions!

      I haven’t personally done any Forex trading myself. But based on what I’ve heard from other traders I know that do, Forex isn’t what it used to be – so I understand where you’re coming from on that. Chris Capre at 2ndSkies, for example, mainly trades stocks and options now (probably 90% of his trades are stocks/options), but the URL of his site is literally He launched the site in 2007, but since then has slowly transitioned into stocks and options based on market conditions and better opportunities.

      To answer your question about Thomas Kralow’s Assisted Package, I would have to agree that it’s probably the best option for most people. It’s a nice balance of actually receiving personal trading support, but not having to pay too much for it. The Standard package is what I personally went through, which is certainly great on its own, but for complete beginners I can understand where some confusion can come into play. Because without expert feedback on each task, homework assignment, and test – it’s very possible to get off track and think you understand something when you actually don’t. This is what makes the Assisted Package so valuable because you have a personal assistant to answer your questions, grade your assignments, and overall just be there to help you each step along the way – even for a month or two at the end as you transition into real money trading.

      The next level after that is the Assisted Plus Package which I definitely think is incredible, but the price point just isn’t something that most people can swing. The Standard Package is in the $1,000-1,500 range and Assisted is in the $2,500-3,000 range, which are both reasonable price ranges. But the Assisted Plus Package is nearly $20,000. It includes direct one-on-one access and coaching from Thomas Kralow himself, which can help put you on the fast-track to trading success, but the upfront cost just isn’t feasible for the average person. Looking back on my own path to consistent profitability, not only did I spend/lose over $20,000 by subscribing to low-quality alert services and trading ignorantly, but I also wasted years of valuable time in the process. So based on my own past experiences, I can easily say that a high-quality 1-on-1 training/mentorship program like this is definitely worth it, but there’s no way I would’ve spent $20,000 on a program like this at the time. But back then I didn’t have a true understanding of the proper path and what it takes to succeed in the markets.

      So with all that being said, I think every package is a great option, especially the assisted ones – but each individual person has to make the decision on which exact one to use for themselves based on commitment level, what they’re willing to spend, and other factors. Keep in mind that it’s also possible to upgrade to Assisted or Assisted Plus after purchasing the Standard package, so you don’t have to feel forced into a higher-priced package without seeing the curriculum first. In the end, it comes down to what makes the most sense for your own individual circumstances.

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