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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Babsie Wagner says:

    It’s actually refreshing, and re-instills a faith in honesty, to see a positive review of a trading program on the internet.  I click on reviews hoping to find something that will help my finances, but nope – scam after scam is reported.  People like you who do the reviews provide a really valuable service for folks on the internet, and I am so excited to see that this Millionaire Roadmap is actually a legitimate program.  I realize it can be expensive to join, but isn’t it expensive to go to college?  Isn’t it expensive to start most businesses?  I mean, they always say, (whoever “they” are) “You have to spend money to make money.”

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Babsie – I appreciate your input. There are definitely negative reviews out there on Millionaire Roadmap (and similar programs) as well – no doubt about it. But my review is positive because there is solid value in it from my perspective. There are absolutely no guarantees, but there are many students achieving great success in the markets thanks to this particular program. Kyle Dennis, Nathan Bear, Taylor Conway, etc. are all millionaire traders as a result of this service. And there are many other six and five-figure traders who have been mentored by Jason and his team. Unfortunately, there are also many members who lose money both on the subscription fee and in their trading portfolios. That’s just the reality of it. But it usually comes down to how the service is used on a member-to-member basis.

      In my opinion, the easiest way to look at a program like this is like a gym subscription. Merely signing up won’t result in lost weight, bigger muscles, and better health/fitness overall. You have to actually go to the gym on a consistent basis and put the time & effort into it in order to see substantial results over time. But most people want something for nothing, or “overnight” results. That’s why there are so many weight loss gimmicks and fad diets out there. It’s really what people want, but it’s unrealistic. To carry that over into a program like Millionaire Roadmap, far too many people join with unrealistic expectations and an unwillingness to put the work in. They expect that just because they subscribed, success in the markets should be handed to them. But it doesn’t work like that. There are many tools available for studying and ultimately producing consistent profits (video lessons, webinars, live Q&A’s, live trading sessions, special reports, exclusive chat room, complete transparency, etc.), but it’s up to the individual subscriber to utilize it all in the proper manner and ultimately extract the most value from it for themselves as possible.

  • Jamie Clay says:

    HI Matt!

    I don’t know much about trading but I do want to know. I certainly have an interest in the subject. If I had the kind of money to join Jason Bonds Picks Millionaire Roadmap I would purchase. But I read your other post about your #1 advice that subscribers should focus on and you said it was the education. I’m glad you said that because most times when signing up for these kinds of offers you look for results. According to your advice, it’s better to have an open mind to learn the education and apply accordingly to get results.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Jamie – I’m glad you brought that up because it’s critically important. I personally can’t stress it enough. Too many people join programs like this with a “copy-cat” mentality. Meaning they don’t really want to learn any of the concepts or put much effort into it at all. All they want to do is subscribe, receive alerts, and expect to make a ton of money every single time. The reality is that taking such an approach simply doesn’t work. There’s much more to trading than just receiving “hot picks”. You have to be prepared for trades to go against you. be disciplined enough to take losses at the right times, allocate your portfolio properly depending on size, understand your own risk tolerances and preferences, etc. Everyone has different portfolio sizes, schedules, risk tolerances, and preferences – and those all have to be considered when taking trades. Overall, leveraging the educational materials and supportive community in an attempt to become a self-sufficient, consistently profitable trader should always be the top priority when subscribing to a program like this.

  • Aria Len says:

    See, products like this really scare me because of the price. It’s just too much of a risk of getting scammed that I could never stomach spending so much on something like this. A new car, sure! This? I’m not so sure about this one.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Aria – I completely get where you’re coming from. The cost of a program like Millionaire Roadmap can seem steep to many individuals (including me). I’ve spent $250-5,000 each on various training programs and services throughout the years, but anything that costs thousands of dollars is nothing to indiscriminately open up your wallet for. But you also have to realize the potential value associated with joining, being part of the community, and committing to the educational process.

      Take a member like Kyle Dennis, for example. He was experiencing decent success in the markets back in 2014, capturing over $40K in profits that year. When he joined Millionaire Roadmap in 2015, his gains catapulted to over $800K. He’s now over the $4M mark. Or how about Nathan Bear? He was actually struggling quite a bit and had lost tens of thousands of dollars trading until coming across Jason Bond. Upon joining Millionaire Roadmap, he completely changed his trading around. He just recently crossed the $1M mark in cumulative profits. This year alone, he’s already up over $500K. Do you think paying $5K per year for next-level education, community, and support wasn’t worth it for them? I’m sure they’re happy to pay that for a 100X or greater return.

      These aren’t typical results. Only a handful of subscribers have hit the $1M profit mark thus far. But there are quite a few members experiencing slightly lower-level success as well. An extra four, five, or six figures each year from trading stocks is certainly possible and happening within the community. When you think about it, there are hoards of people spending absurd amounts of money on a college education without thinking twice just because it’s what everybody else is doing. Then they come out of it several years later with massive loans and the inability to land a high-paying job. When you compare this to a program like Millionaire Roadmap, which is much cheaper than your standard college education while offering unlimited potential returns, it’s actually quite eye-opening.

      Before labeling it a scam, you also have to consider that most members that join have already been subscribers to Jason Bond’s Swing Trading service in the past (which is a lower cost option). That’s where Jason has educated them, earned their trust, and then they essentially “upgrade” to his mentorship service, which is Millionaire Roadmap. Within that program, you’re getting much more than just education and insights from Jason Bond himself, but an entire crew of experts. An investment like this is much different than buying a car. A purchase like that will only depreciate over time. The knowledge and skills you can learn as part of Jason Bond’s MRM community, however, can end up returning thousands of dollars more down the line (and sometimes millions). But it takes quite a bit of studying, hard work, and dedication to get there.

  • jCamden says:

    I haven’t looked much into buying and trading stock at all. It’s always something I’ve shied away from because I don’t really understand it. What level do you need to be at to start using Jason’s millionaire roadmap program? Can you be completely new to trading or what background do you need to have to get the most out of it?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Great question. The Millionaire Roadmap program can certainly provide value to a complete novice, but that doesn’t mean somebody in that situation should just jump right into trading immediately. The focus should be on observing some of the other great traders within the community first, see which strategy or two resonates best with you, drill down on understanding how those strategies work, and then trade small (or even just paper trade) in order to gain real-time experience. The community has quite a bit to offer and can potentially be overwhelming for a new trader, but the ability to take it slow and focus on learning one concept at a time will produce the best results. Eventually, you’ll be able to build on those concepts as you move forward and apply them with the proper confidence and discipline. Overall, there are members with much different backgrounds and varying experience levels, but they’re all committed to taking their trading skills and returns to the next level.

  • rmjia says:

    Hi, I was wondering what are their percentage of success of each trading? If we follow their trades, it doesn’t mean we’ll gain in all the trades right? It is still a risk? As the market is volatile, isn’t the trading at this time more riskier than before? Just want to understand and have a feel if it is very risky for beginners like me at this moment.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Everyone’s trading stats will be different based on the strategies they implement, portfolio size, risk tolerance, etc., but Jason has a roughly 70% win rate on his trades. That being said, a win rate that high isn’t necessarily required to be profitable. There are successful traders out there with win rates of 50%, and since the value of their winning trades are higher than their losers, they come out with a profit in the end. It’s important to realize that every single trader has to be comfortable taking losses from time to time. Being too stubborn or “proud” to take them can be disastrous. It’s also not ideal to blindly mirror Jason or anybody else’s trades. The point of a mentorship program like this is to use all of the educational components to your advantage (video lessons, watch lists, alerts, live trading sessions, interactive webinars, Q&A sessions, etc.) so that you can learn concepts and implement them on your own. Self-sufficiency should be the ultimate goal.

      Refusing to take losses is how you see a lot of beginners blow up their accounts. They enter a trade and it goes against them. They don’t want to take the loss so they hold on, or worse, continue adding to their losing position hoping it will eventually bounce back. Before they know it, the majority of their portfolio is locked up in a terrible trade and they don’t know what to do. This is where portfolio allocation, risk management, and discipline come into play. As you can see, trading is much more than just receiving “hot stock picks” like most people think. You can have a 99% success rate, but if you’re “betting the farm” on every trade you make, the one time you’re wrong can completely wipe out your account. The market is inherently risky, but great traders know how to control the risk and stay disciplined in their approach for the much larger potential reward. Volatility is oftentimes a day and swing traders best friend, but that being said, there are opportunities for profit in any kind of market.

  • Sheila says:

    Millionaire Roadmap sounds like a very exciting program. I think it’s great that it offers direction for so many different types of traders, from the day trader to the investor. Very cool. What are some of the modules offered? Is there a minimum investment to start trading with? How much does it cost to start?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Sheila – great questions. There are a handful of educational videos and DVD’s offered, including The Basics of Swing Trading, How to Trade Like a Pro, Options Trading Explained, and more. There’s also a chat room that MRM members use to share ideas, discuss the markets, and interact with Jason Bond himself. Probably the best part of the service is the fact that he live streams his brokerage account during market hours for full transparency. And that truly gives you an inside look at how a professional trader operates on a day-to-day basis. He’ll perform live scans, talk through his approach, and execute real-time trades while you virtually look over his shoulder. That type of access isn’t offered in many other programs outside of the RagingBull Network.

      Right now, Jason is even offering the Weekly Money Multiplier program run by his mentor, Jeff Bishop, for free with an MRM subscription. Your minimum starting portfolio value is completely up to you, and all members are different – some start with just a couple thousand while others have large $50,000-100,000+ accounts to work with. Overall, the goal is to reach the next-level with your trading, wherever your starting point may be. Take care!

  • Mark Baker says:

    Wow $15000 to 3 Million is impressive and usually I’d be taking a step back thinking this must be a scam but this article presents more than enough evidence that this can be the real deal if you’re looking to make a profit as a trader and investor.

    Let’s face it there so many scams around today that one’s got to be really careful. All too often people get sucked in by success stories, believing them to be true simply because they are published on a website. Nobody minds paying good money when the return on investment is there which is probably the case with Millionaire Roadmap.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Mark. Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap is a great mentorship program for traders, but it’s important to realize the commitment to education and discipline it takes to be successful on each subscriber’s end. Simply signing up, with no intention to learn, attempting to blindly mirror alerts, or anything like that will most likely result in failure and a lack of long-term success. This program, however, is all about learning various strategies, finding the methods that work best for you, refining them, and ultimately becoming a profitable self-sufficient trader. It won’t work for everybody mainly due to effort, but Jason has proven that this service has the capability of producing multiple millionaire traders, including one of his most popular students – Kyle Dennis.

  • Janice OBrien says:

    Wow, there is definitely a lot of information to take in… I have been interested in learning how to trade, or even get into stocks. As a newbie to financials, I find it overwhelming to even begin, let alone knowing what is worthwhile to invest in. I think everybody is looking for a safety net when beginning, and it looks as though the risks outweigh possible profit. I don’t know of very many people that have $1000 to “potentially” throw away. Or even $100. I signed up to receive the ebook and will have a look and see if I can learn anything about this stuff…? Any tips to make this easier for someone who knows absolutely nothing?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Janice. The unknown can always be intimidating, but the only way to reduce that anxiety is to start learning, gaining experience, and feeling comfortable with the process of trading/investing. Services like Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap aren’t for everybody. It’s a program that caters to individuals looking to take their trading skills and profits to the next level, but it’s expensive to join and requires commitment on the subscriber’s end. Simply joining will not guarantee success. It takes real time and effort to become a consistently profitable, self-sufficient trader. And on top of that, it’s a constant learning process that evolves over time depending on market conditions, which sectors are performing best/worst, and which strategies are working at that time.

      All that being said, you won’t find too many other programs out there that offer the expert level of education that MRM does paired with 100% transparency. There are multiple real money traders (including Jason) live streaming their portfolios for members to watch during market hours. There’s no question as to the legitimacy of their trades – it’s right there streaming in real time. That “over-the-shoulder” educational approach is priceless. The only other programs I know of that do this are Kyle Dennis’ Nucleus and Jeff Williams’ Penny Stock Millionaire. As a beginner, I’d have to say that the best method for getting started is to paper trade, which is a risk-free approach for gaining experience, and focus on education above all else. There’s no need to “throw away” any amount of money. The focus should always be on self improvement, increased learning, and gaining experience. Much of this process can be started at no cost using these Free Resources, but of course, there are programs, services, and mentors that can reduce the learning curve and expedite success. That’s what these reviews are focused on uncovering.

  • Wayne says:

    Matt, I can see that Millionaire Roadmap is a very good program. This is something very similar to what I am in currently. At my age though, the ups and downs of a day trader and the losses that are possible with Biotech, are too much for my nerves. I prefer the stability of a conservative portfolio with a few bonds in the mix. I am sure, in this current market that a lot of people have made a lot of money with Jason’s mentorship, but I think it is better for me to stick with my current reliable plan so I can sleep at night. I am working my way up. Best to you. Wayne.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Wayne – that’s no problem. Jason’s MRM isn’t for everybody. In my opinion, it’s critically important that people choose a trading and/or investment strategy that fits in with their lifestyle, personality, and schedule, among other things. Not everyone is interested in actively trading the markets and having to monitor positions regularly, and that’s OK. What I like about the program, however, is that it allows you to see various strategies from multiple successful traders (including Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Petra Hess, Kyle Dennis, etc.) and develop a strategy that works best for you based on their teachings. You’ll notice that no two traders are exactly the same. They may have some overlapping ideas or concepts, but there are many opportunities and methods for profiting in the market, both actively and passively. Take Care and Happy Holidays!

  • RichPersonality says:

    It’s awesome to actually see something that looks ands sounds legit when it comes to trading products/services. It’s quite easy to get scammed in this field. I really like that Millionaire Roadmap offers those live streams. That alone sounds like an amazing feature because you could watch exactly what they do and get success.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      The transparency of Millionaire Roadmap is incredible. You won’t find many other traders or trading educators out there willing to do this besides Jason Bond and a few other traders he’s associated with (Jeff Bishop, Kyle Dennis, etc.). They’re willing to share every move they make because they believe in their strategies and are confident that they work. So it makes you wonder why so many other programs on the market aren’t providing live streams as well – do they have something to hide? Probably. And that’s why I believe in the services Jason Bond has to offer. He’s genuine and trades with real money, live for all to see. It’s no wonder the MRM service is limited to only the most committed individuals and is application-only at this point due to such high demand. The only program that compares to the education, mentorship, and 100% transparency right now is Biotech Nucleus. Being able to look over the shoulder of multi-millionaire traders like Jason Bond or Kyle Dennis is priceless.

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