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What Has Changed at K Capital Since the Initial Review Published on January 9, 2016?

In this follow-up review of K Capital, I’d like to cover a few different topics worth mentioning since the initial review was published earlier this year. For one, the name has changed from K Capital Advisors to K Capital Stock Alerts. Second, the quantity of packages offered has been refined and the quality bolstered. And third, members have been submitting exceedingly positive testimonials throughout the year thanks to the profound success of the service. In addition to that, I’ll provide personal testimony regarding my own experiences with the platform.

February 2017 Update: K Capital Terminated ServiceK-Capital-Stock-Alerts

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#1: Name Changed From K Capital Advisors to K Capital Stock Alerts

The URL to the K Capital website may have changed, but fear not – Kyle Matthew Fisher is still pumping out stock alerts with high profit potential. If anything, the service has only gotten better since I first came across it in late 2015. Every sought after feature of the service is still there: The Members Dashboard with updated watch lists and analysis, as well as the Education Center with a growing library of video lessons. The only thing that has changed is the name. [Learn More Here]

#2: The Number of Packages Offered Has Been Refined and the Quality Improved

As discussed in the original K Capital review published earlier this year, there used to be multiple levels of membership offered: Gold, Platinum, and Guru. Simply put, the Gold and Platinum packages (which offered limited features) have been eliminated, leaving only the “full access” Guru package. Not only does this simplify the service for subscribers, but the price is reasonable and every member receives equal treatment. Memberships can be purchased for quarterly, yearly, or lifetime durations. [Learn More Here]

#3: Members Have Been Submitting Positive Testimonials Throughout 2016

Through talking with other members of K Capital and searching the internet for individual experiences, it’s hard to come across any negative feedback on the service. That’s a solid testament to how focused Kyle Matthew Fisher is on transparency and results. Some have described the service as “well researched”, “great for swing trading”, “transparent”, “perfect for my schedule”, and “the best alert system I have used”. These personal reviews say it all concerning the credibility of the service. [Learn More Here]

The Huge Advantage K Capital Has Over Every Other Active Trading Alert Service:

Although K Capital Stock Alerts may be lacking slightly in the “video lesson” department (the only real con listed in my initial review), they hold a unique advantage over other active trading services due to their focus purely on swing trades – not day trades. When members follow Kyle into a trade, they can trust that he won’t immediately sell out of that position, leaving them scrambling to understand what just happened. When he enters trades, he enters with a calm demeanor and a willingness to ride them out for an acceptable period of time. No matter what schedule you have in your personal life, 15-20 day average hold times are more than enough for anyone to manage their open positions in the market.

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K Capital Stock Alerts Helped Me Capture 16% and Growing on Just One Swing Trade – SIEN:

When K Capital initiated a position in SIEN at the beginning of February, I personally began scaling into the trade as well between the $6.00-7.00 range. Not only did I like the technical setup that Kyle Matthew Fisher repeatedly pointed out on his watch lists, but the fundamental story he illustrated was attractive as well. After my own due diligence, I agreed that the stock was indeed undervalued and worthy of a trade to the long side. Over the course of a few months, I bought at various support levels for an average cost of $6.90. This past week, I sold a portion of my position at $8.00 for 16% profit. The remainder of my position is currently sitting closer to a 20% profit at $8.24 (unrealized) with my price target in the $10.00-12.00 range.

Long Trades: CSCO +13%  MCUR +26%  MGT +25%  SBGL +12%  GPS +17%  GGB +30%  ZUMZ +10%
Short Trades: SWHC +12%  SKYS +15%  CNAT +6%  CCXI +11%

This is one of the longer term swings that members can count on, but there have been numerous winning trades in-between as well. Average hold times at K Capital hover in the 15-20 day range, allowing members the opportunity to easily execute winning trades on a part-time basis, yet still capitalize on the increased profit potential of a short-term trading strategy. In the last few months alone, K Capital has helped me grow my portfolio by over 30%. In comparison to the average S&P 500 yearly return of approximately 10%, this is extraordinary. In other words, you can’t achieve these results with your classic buy-and-hold approach. Overall, K Capital offers the perfect middle ground between day trading and long-term investing, and the successful 2016 trades in the K Capital portfolio listed above are the result.

Conclusion – Is K Capital Stock Alerts the Real Deal on Wall Street?

This is an easy question to answer: Definitely. As long as winning trades continue to be alerted and yearly portfolio returns consistently hit double-digits, then K Capital will be one of the best swing trading newsletters available on Wall Street. The reasons are simple: K Capital is as transparent as it gets with all trades executed since inception, alerts are easy to follow even for the busiest individuals (average hold times between 15-20 days – no day trades), and Kyle Matthew Fisher doesn’t waste his members’ time with chat rooms or 20+ messages per day – only quality alerts.

I’ve personally experienced success with K Capital, I’ve seen others experience success with K Capital, and I’m positive more traders will link up with Kyle’s service for a long time into the future in order to become profitable and much more successful in the stock market.

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Are You Ready to Learn How to Swing Trade Alongside a Successful Mentor With Proven Results? K Capital Stock Alerts is Your Answer.

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Matt Thomas

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  • neil says:


    Thanks for all the great info on K Capital, I have never heard of them before but I have been keen to start trading for a while now and I think a service like this is perfect for a beginner.

    How do you decide what to buy when you are alerted to so many different ones everyday? Surely not all of them are going to give you back a profit?


    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Neil. It’s important to realize that a service like K Capital isn’t all about the alerts. In my opinion, the greatest value is in the education on concepts such as portfolio allocation, stop losses, price targets, technical indicators, chart scanning, etc. With a foundation in these concepts, traders can start finding opportunities on their own and generating their own trade plans.

      It’s really easy to join a program like this and simply mirror every alert (and I’m not saying that can’t potentially work), but it’s a dangerous strategy to blindly follow. Kyle isn’t in control of your portfolio – you are. He can teach you his strategy, let you know the opportunities he’s watching via watch lists, and keep you posted on the trades he’s making with real-time alerts, but having an understanding of the entire process is the best thing any subscriber can do.

      As far as knowing what to buy, you don’t even necessarily need to wait for Kyle’s alert. In fact, you don’t even need to follow him into trades if you don’t want to. There’s nothing forcing you to do exactly what he does – again, you’re in complete control of your portfolio. If you’re not comfortable with a particular setup, you can pass on it. And if you like a stock that Kyle hasn’t bought yet, you can certainly buy it if you want to. Most of his trades come right off his watch lists, which are updated on a routine basis, and by performing your own due diligence on those opportunities, you’ll be able to decide exactly what you want to do – that’s how I personally decide which opportunities I want to take advantage of or not.

      There aren’t that many alerts being sent out each day/week from K Capital – and that’s the beauty of it. They run their own scans/algos in order to filter down the thousands of stocks available to trade to only a handful that they’re really interested in. That’s how the watch lists are created. From there, the watch list items are monitored for volume, price action, etc. and positions are taken when the time is right. Being able to narrow down the market to only a few high-potential opportunities each day/week is the limited focus traders need to succeed.

      Of course not every trade will be profitable, but keeping losses small, locking up winners, and entering high-potential setups over-and-over again can lead to more profits than losses in the long-run.

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