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K Capital Stock Alerts Adding Video Lessons to the Educational Library

By September 24, 2016May 14th, 2021No Comments

Kyle Fisher Working to Improve the Educational Experience at K Capital:

My personal experiences trading alongside Kyle Fisher at K Capital have been overwhelmingly positive, but when I came across the service in 2015, I was already a sufficiently educated and informed stock trader. Upon review of the service as a whole, and considering how the service would help unseasoned beginners, I felt that the major void in the service was in the education provided.

K Capital Stock Alerts

There were a handful of videos uploaded to the site covering the stocks K Capital was watching on  a weekly basis and how the market was performing in general, but nothing specific regarding the concepts being implemented. How does Kyle scan for setups? What indicators is he looking at? How does he decide when to enter a specific trade? Can he teach me to become a self-sufficient trader?

February 2017 Update: K Capital Terminated Service

The Only Thing Missing…

The transparency is there in terms of sharing every trade since inception. The track record is there considering market-beating, double-digit returns each year. The only thing missing, in my opinion, was the educational tools in the form of high-quality, concept-specific video lessons. Well I have good news to share – these video lessons will be created and shared by K Capital in the near future.

Message from Kyle Fisher on 9/22:

I wanted to let you know about our upcoming training video releases and the topics we’re going to covering those. These will be video lessons posted to the site that cover a large array of topics. The topics in the next set of videos will include:

  • The 7 steps to finding stocks and a live demo of running that process
  • My daily routine – portfolio modeling and metrics, what they mean and how to calculate them
  • The tools I use to find stocks
  • The technical analysis setups I manually chart for after running scans

If you’d like to see specific material shoot me an email and I’ll put together more, but over the coming weeks look out for several sets of video lessons to be released.

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Written by Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas

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