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K Capital Advisors Track Record – Double Digit Returns Since Inception

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A Proven Track Record of Double Digit Yearly Percentage Returns:

K Capital Advisors was founded in November, 2013 by Kyle Matthew Fisher, an accomplished Finance professional with over a decade’s worth of experience. After realizing the vast amount of frauds and overall shady services in the space, he decided to establish his own swing trading newsletter based on industry standards. Since then, he has successfully earned the trust of of his subscribers and will only continue to grow his loyal community through top-notch alerts and full transparency.

February 2017 Update: K Capital Terminated Service

Year Since Inception S&P 500 Performance (%) Russell 2000 Performance (%) K Capital Performance (%)
2013 30 37 14
2014 11 4 53
2015 -1 -6 26

2013 was the only year in which the performance of K Capital Advisors did not beat the market, but this can directly be attributed to the fact that Kyle Fisher only had 2 months to work with – the service didn’t kick-off until November of that year. Then in both 2014 and 2015, he handily outperformed the market with returns surpassing 25%  each year. Every trader would take this sort of portfolio growth in a heartbeat, especially in 2015, when both the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 closed negative.

If You Mirrored Every Alert Since Inception, Your Portfolio Would Be Up Nearly 100%:

While I always advise against “blindly” following the alerts from any stock trading service, it’s certainly plausible that those who started with K Capital Advisors back in 2013 have experienced tremendous portfolio growth alongside Kyle Fisher. The best part is that this portfolio growth would have been achieved on a part-time basis. While other services offer 5-10 alerts per day and chat rooms to join during market hours, keeping track of and taking part in these just isn’t feasible for the average person.

|Learn How K Capital Advisors Can Help You Grow Your Portfolio on a Part-Time Basis|

K Capital does a tremendous job of only providing members with pertinent information and not bogging them down with alert after alert. In addition to that, if Kyle enters a position, you can expect him to hold that position for at least a week (average hold times of 10-20 days). For this reason, you don’t need to be concerned that he’s selling into his alerts, a shady practice that is common with active trading newsletters. K Capital is a true swing trading service, perfect for the busy professional, and focused on percentage returns. Everyone has their own unique situation and portfolio value, and the focus on percentages can be applied to portfolios of any size.

K Capital Advisors

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Written by Matt Thomas

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