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What is K Capital Advisors? A True Swing Trading Alert Service:

K Capital Advisors Review LogoK Capital Advisors is a stock alert service focused on swing trading small and mid-cap equities to both the long and short side. The typical stock traded is between $1-10 with an average hold time of around ten days. It’s highly uncommon to see K Capital open and close a position within the same day, which is a relief for busy professionals lacking the availability to trade full-time.

Almost 100% of the alerts come right off of the daily and weekly watch lists provided by K Capital, providing members with ample opportunity to scout potential trade ideas and perform their own due diligence before entering positions if they so choose. As a risk management tactic, 5-10% portfolio allocation per trade is recommended to protect you from being over-extended.

Overall, K Capital Advisors prides themselves on transparency and openly posts the results of every trade they alert for both members and non-members to view. Through detailed watch lists, quality alerts, proper asset allocation, and active management, even part-time traders can reap the rewards of beating the market in a safe manner with the assistance of K Capital Advisors.

Who Runs K Capital Advisors? A Finance Executive with 10+ Years Experience:

Kyle Matthew Fisher is the founder and CEO of K Capital Advisors who started the service back in 2013. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and quickly became fascinated by Wall Street at a young age.

At 18 years old, Kyle landed an internship with a small firm in New York managing a derivatives desk. He went on to obtain his MBA at the University of Massachusetts, take on major roles at a Fortune 100 company, followed up by assignments in private equity, and  is currently pursuing his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

|Q&A Session: Learn More About Kyle Matthew Fisher and His Objectives With K Capital Advisors|

Through both his educational and work experiences, Kyle knew deep down what his true passion was – trading on Wall Street. Years before he even started his derivatives internship, he was already paper trading, and by the time he was working in private equity after earning his MBA, he was refining his swing trading strategy for K Capital Advisors on the side.

Overall, Kyle Matthew Fisher has a true Corporate Finance background, which surprisingly can’t be said for many head traders at other stock alert services. This factor alone immediately delivers a sense of authenticity and reliability. Would you rather navigate Wall Street with a financial expert by your side providing guidance, or just some regular Joe that claims to be “experienced” – I think the answer is rather obvious.

K Capital Advisors Track Record – Consistent Double Digit Returns Since Inception:

K Capital is relatively new to the stock trading newsletter scene having only started in the latter months of 2013, but since inception, the returns have been in the healthy double digits each and every year. In theory, if you started following K Capital back in 2013 and mirrored every single alert, your portfolio would be up nearly 100% at this point. Not bad for part-time trading.

Year (Since Inception in Nov. 2013) S&P 500 Performance (%) Russell 2000 Performance (%) K Capital Performance (%)
2013 30 37 14
2014 11 4 53
2015 -1 -6 26

Of course, past results are not necessarily indicative of future results, and I also advise against blindly following any stock trader or alert service, even experts. You may trust their judgement but nobody profits on every single trade they make. It’s dangerous to be an uneducated individual in the market relying solely on email and text alerts.

Learn how to read candlesticks and chart patterns, spot areas of support and resistance, and possibly even scan for your own high-potential trading opportunities. Having a working knowledge of these topics will only make Kyle Matthew Fisher’s service even more valuable, as you’ll be able to follow along with his videos that much better and truly understand his insights.

The Structure of K Capital Advisors – The Members Dashboard:

The Members Dashboard at K Capital Advisors is fairly straightforward. It includes a weekly video from Kyle, a technical review of market sentiment, a detailed breakdown of open positions, and a watch list containing both long and short ideas. Every component other than the video is updated on a daily basis.

*Example of a Weekly Update Video From the Members Dashboard*

It’s clear, concise, and provides the part-time trader with all of the important information they need consolidated in one easy-to-access location. The website overall is nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done. Kyle’s focus isn’t on fancy overlays or over-the-top marketing gimmicks; his sole focus is on the trading success of K Capital Advisors and its members.

Frankly, I think we’re one of the best services out there…helping people learn the correct way without the hype and cheesy marketing. We don’t boast about pie in the sky riches because that isn’t how the real market works. It takes hard work and discipline to learn and grow in trading. What sets us apart is the way we teach, our openness, access we give people, and our track record. Kyle Matthew Fisher, Founder and CEO

Strong Aspects of K Capital Advisors:

Proprietary Performance Model: Following along with the transparency topic, the performance model is a listing of every single trade ever alerted by K Capital. In addition to that, you can punch in your starting capital and it will provide you with an estimate of what your returns would have been if you started with them back in 2013.

K Capital Advisors Equity Curve

The takeaway here is that every single trader should have a similar focus on asset allocation and tracking their profit/loss. Keeping a personal trading journal similar to this one would be wise, and is an indication of an organized stock trader focused on proper portfolio management.

Alerts Are Easy to Follow: The beauty of K Capital Advisors is the fact that Kyle provides plenty of notice before entering trades. The strategy is truly easy to follow, or dare I say: mirror. I don’t typically like using the term “mirror” because it makes newcomers think that they don’t have to put much effort into it – that they can simply copy every alert Kyle sends, not have to learn anything about trading, and still be fine.

This is a problem I see time and time again with new subscribers to stock alert services. They join with the sole intention of mirroring alerts, and it provides them with a sense of security and laziness that they probably should not have. Big Mistake. What if you weren’t available to see one of Kyle’s alerts in order to exit a position and the markets started tanking? God forbid an email alert goes directly into your spam folder never to be seen again, or a text alert never comes through for whatever reason.

K Capital Advisors Trading

The bottom line is this: you need to have at least a basic handle on how the stock market works and have the ability to manage your portfolio on your own without the need for every single alert. Use the watch lists, video lessons, pre-market commentary, and all of the other educational content to your advantage. There’s a difference between “actively” following and “blindly” following. With all that being said, the alerts are the best I’ve come across in terms of being able to get the exact same prices on trades as Kyle or better.

Kyle Matthew Fisher’s Background: Just to reiterate, Kyle has an extensive background in Finance, unlike any other newsletter operator I’ve ever stumbled upon.  This may come as a shock to many readers, but most of them don’t have any sort of formal education or work experience in Finance at all. It really makes you second-guess the legitimacy of those other services, doesn’t it?

Weak Aspects of K Capital Advisors:

The Education Center: The Education Center highlights major trading goals and rules, which is phenomenal guidance for starters. But the weak points here are the video lessons. Kyle’s strategy covers five key setups to look for – unfortunately video lessons are only available for two of them. Providing a video for the other three setups would go a long way in terms of education and understanding, especially for beginners.

*Example of a Video Lesson Covering One of K Capital’s Key Setups*

The other video lessons available are essentially just his weekly updates on market sentiment, open positions, and watch list items. Don’t get me wrong – these are great, but they don’t provide much insight on basic concepts. Lessons on candlestick patterns, support and resistance, moving average lines, price targets, stop losses, risk vs. reward, etc. are the building blocks novices need to truly understand in order to follow along with Kyle and the rest of the market. Education cannot be underestimated in the world of stock trading.

Lack of a Chat Room: There’s actually two sides to this argument. One may argue that not having a chat room during trading hours  is actually advantageous because they can be distracting. If there was one offered, people might think that they need to be in it, when in reality, it’s just a time waster. K Capital Advisors is a true swing trading service – not day trading. Kyle prides himself on that fact that his members can still live their typical working lives and still be able to grow their portfolios on the side.

Unfortunately, the drawback here is less interaction with other members, but Kyle still holds monthly webinars for an opportunity for everyone to get together, and there’s also a private forum in the works. To put it simply, Kyle doesn’t want his members to have to stare at their computers monitoring their positions all day. That’s what he’s there for – to do the research, send the alerts, and find profitable opportunities that will deliver roughly ten days later, which is plenty of time for those with limited availability to follow.

K Capital Advisors Has the Potential to be the Best Swing Trading Service:

That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Most of the major pieces are there, most notably the easy-to-follow alerts. If you subscribe to other newsletters, you’ll find that by the time you even receive their alerts, the stock price has already been driven up 5-10%+ from the alerted levels. There’s absolutely nothing worse than feeling like you’re “late to the party” every single time. You won’t find yourself in this position, at least not often, with K Capital Advisors.

K Capital Advisors Logo

Regrettably, there is a major weak point to their service, and that comes in the form of video content. Yes, the weekly videos that provide analysis on open positions and watch list items are great, but that’s not doing much in regards to educating members on specific concepts. In fact, if I was a newcomer to trading stocks and just joined the service, most of what he displays and discusses in his current videos would go right over my head.

Adding video lessons to the library covering basic trading concepts would go a long way in getting beginners up-to-speed. There’s no need to overdo it, but 10-20 videos focused on specific concepts would certainly help educate his client-base and have them feeling more empowered and confident in their trading.

If K Capital Advisors does, in fact, increase the quantity and quality of educational content provided in the form of video lessons, then they would become an absolute gem for both beginner and intermediate traders. There are rumblings that 2016 will come with additional video lessons and DVD’s. If this is indeed true, K Capital will be able to make a case as the best swing trading service.

Service Offerings at K Capital Advisors:

K Capital Advisors offers a few different price points depending on your budget. The chart below breaks down the various aspects of each one.

Member Benefits Gold Package Platinum Package Guru Package
Full Portfolio Access YES YES YES
Weekly Video Updates YES YES YES
Daily Watch Lists YES YES YES
Real-Time Text & Email Alerts NO YES YES
Video Library NO YES YES
Professional Portfolio Model NO NO YES
Pre-Market Commentary NO NO YES
Live Monthly Trading Lessons NO NO YES

There is even a Lifetime Membership option that consists of a one-time payment for unlimited access, which can be the ultimate value for someone looking to link up with K Capital Advisors for years into the future.

The Wrap-Up: Can K Capital Advisors Help You Become a Successful Swing Trader?

Simple answer: Yes. If you’re looking for a trading strategy that will focus on liquid stocks, multiple-day holds, desirable profit, and safe asset allocation, then K Capital Advisors can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Kyle is easily accessible and responsive to member questions and feedback, his trades have been verified with real account statements, and the results are highly desirable for a part-time trading strategy.

February 2017 Update: K Capital Terminated Service

|K Capital Advisors Has a New Name: K Capital Stock Alerts. Check Out This Follow-Up Review|

K Capital Advisors

|Discover Why Exactly K Capital is the Best Pure Swing Trading Service Available on Wall Street|

It’s a true stock swing trading strategy – no day trading or options. Extremely easy to follow along, and the best part is that you have an experienced finance professional looking out for your best interest. No marketing hype or promises of unachievable riches. It’s a simplified approach that yields outstanding results.

Please leave any questions or comments regarding K Capital Advisors below.

Written by Matt Thomas

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Tam says:

    Swing trading is an entirely new world for me in my ongoing self-education in finances and you do a great job offering a comprehensive understanding of its benefits and why to consider getting started in swing trading. I read 1-3 books per year on money matters and endeavor to have a balanced 401K portfolio. Continued due diligence on swing trading matters according to what I read here. Could people in investment clubs consider swing trading or is swing trading just for individuals? ~ Tam

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Tam – that’s a good question. I’m sure it’s possible for people in investment clubs to enact a swing trading strategy, however, I can foresee it as being difficult. With many members pooling their money together, requiring majority vote to make decisions, that type of “clunkiness” would make a relatively short-term strategy like swing trading mighty challenging.

      Swing trading usually involves stocks with high volatility, and if investment groups are only meeting on a monthly basis (for example), things can change drastically during that time period. Investment groups are typically reserved for those with longer time horizons (at least a year or more). In the end, I’d say swing trading is too fast-paced for a investment clubs and should be left for individual traders with the flexibility and agility to make their own decisions.

  • Justin says:

    Very informative website. I do not know much about stocks (outside of The Wolf of Wall Street), but found this eye-opening! What sets this group apart is they are straightforward: nothing is easily gained and everything takes discipline and hard work. Great message!

  • Roy says:


    I used to do some day trading, but I know nothing about swing trading. However, based on your review of K Capital Advisors, I believe they provide a very good service for anyone planning to do swing trading. The member dashboard seems to provide important support info for its members. Your review makes it clear that members still need to do their homework and understand how the stock market works. The scope of services and the limitations of K Capital Advisors are clearly stated.


  • Gary says:

    Lots of interesting information here. I find this sort of thing way too risky, though. You can end up losing your investment and if it is similar to Spread Betting, you could end up owing quite a bit. Is it similar to Spread Betting? I also have reservations because the money seems to be in the broker’s fees rather than in the investing. Please prove me wrong.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Gary. There’s no spread betting going on at K Capital. And they’re not a stock broker either – you have to have your own separate brokerage account (with Tradeking, Scottrade, ETrade, Interactive Brokers, etc.) in order to buy and sell stocks. I personally use Robinhood for most of my own trades and they have $0 commissions.

      What you’re paying for with a K Capital Stock Alerts membership is research, analysis, and education on stock trading. Kyle Fisher provides watch lists containing both long and short ideas, daily market updates, expert video lessons, and various rules he follows in terms of allocation, stop losses, averaging down, etc. Hope that helps clear up any confusion – Take care!

  • Scott G. says:

    Hi Matt, Lot’s of really good information on here. I have always used Etrade but this would seem more suitable for short term trades.

    I have always wanted to try something like this but the practical side in me won’t allow it. It seems like their program does remove some of the risk of making a rookie mistake.

    Do you know if there is a minimum time commitment to stay on once you join? You may have listed it but I don’t remember seeing it.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Scott. Just to clarify – K Capital is a stock trading newsletter that provides education and stock alerts on short-term methods (mainly swing trading). The service isn’t a replacement for a brokerage account like Etrade – you can’t buy and sell stocks within the K capital platform.

      Ultimately, you’re in complete control of your own portfolio, but K Capital provides video lessons, market updates, watch lists, portfolio models, and real-time alerts for guidance. Subscriptions are offered on a quarterly, yearly, or lifetime basis, but don’t rule out the possibility of receiving a free trial. If interested in the service, I’d recommend going to the Contact Page and inquiring about one with Kyle Fisher – he might provide you with an inside look at the service completely risk-free.

  • MattyB says:

    I love trading stocks and I use Etrade. However, I recently switched over and self-taught myself about currency trading on FOREX. I bought a seminar program and began learning. I now LOVE trading currencies more than stocks, but its very hard and you need a lot of luck. I have just about broken even, but have not lost anything. Do you offer any information on your site about FOREX. Do you recommend it over other trading or is it safe to say that one should not put all their eggs in one basket and trade both stocks and FOREX? Thanks for the content and good info.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I haven’t reviewed any FX trading services here at Elite Swing Trading yet, but that’s not to say it won’t happen at some point in the future. I personally prefer stocks, but every trader has their own preferences. I think it’s fine if traders choose to pursue both forex and stocks, or one instead of the other – it’s completely up to them, but “not putting all their eggs in one basket” is a concept that should still be applied at the portfolio-level.

      In other words, I don’t personally feel like trading in multiple markets is advantageous, although some traders are successful at doing so. But in reality, it’s probably best to specialize (and be great) in one area – that’s all it takes to consistently profit in the market. But the account utilized for that one approach should be protected as best as possible, and that involves diversifying your trades (aka not risking your entire portfolio on any one trade) – that’s where risk management is most crucial. Good luck with your trading – take care!

  • Pierre says:

    I must admit I tried trading but did not know what I was doing and lost my investment very quickly. I tried forex,and UFX recently just small amounts but realize I had no clue and was purely gambling. It is on my list of things to learn, swing trading is a new concept for me will have to research a bit more about K Capital. Thanks again for the info!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Pierre. One of the most important components of trading success is education. Without knowledge, it essentially is gambling – but with the right knowledge and mentality, it’s certainly possible to put the odds in your favor. K Capital is a proven system with double-digit annual returns since inception, and best of all, the alerts are easy to follow for individuals who simply don’t have time to be glued to their computers all day. That’s what a true swing trading strategy is all about – lifestyle freedom, but also healthy gains in the portfolio – it’s a win-win. Cheers!

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