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New Name: K Capital Stock Alerts – New Website:

This week, the former “K Capital Advisors” is going through a bit of a name change and will now be called “K Capital Stock Alerts”. Don’t worry though, the entire service is staying the same, and if anything – getting better. Members will still receive up-to-date market analysis, detailed daily watch lists, educational video lessons, and most importantly, high-potential stock alerts from Kyle Fisher.

K Capital Stock Alerts

Recent Alerts – CSCO +13% SWHC +12% SKYS +15% CCXI +12% CNAT +5% MCUR +26% MGT +25%

Top Benefit: K Capital Stock Alerts Allows You to Learn How to Swing Trade Stocks Without Being Chained to Your Computer All Day.

February 2017 Update: K Capital Terminated Service

Average Hold Times of 10-20 Days – Perfect For Part-Time Traders:

One of the top benefits of being a subscriber to K Capital Stock Alerts is the extended hold times averaging between 10-20 days. Swing trading, according to many sources, involves buying and selling within a week or less, but the hold times at K Capital tend to be a bit longer – perfect for the busy professional without time to monitor trades tick-by-tick. It allows for an income-generating approach that can easily be applied on a part-time basis.

The extended hold times also prove the legitimacy of the service. Kyle Fisher isn’t entering positions and subsequently alerting them to his subscriber-base in hopes that they drive up the price so that he can swiftly exit for an immediate gain. He’s willing to let his trades play out for weeks at a time – that requires major trust in the approach and loyalty to his members. In the end, K Capital Stock Alerts, with its proven strategy and easy-to-follow alerts, positions itself as one of the most authentic swing trading services on Wall Street.

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K Capital Advisors

|Q&A With Kyle Matthew Fisher, CEO and Founder of K Capital Advisors|

Ready to start trading with a partner that has your best interests in mind? Kyle Fisher provides education, mentorship, and winning stock alerts.

Written by Matt Thomas

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