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What is Trading Story and Who is Brandon Clay?

Trading Story with Brandon ClayTrading Story provides a series of inspirational interviews highlighting successful traders, and at the same time, chronicles the host’s (Brandon Clay) journey to becoming a consistently profitable full-time trader himself.

Brandon started this podcast not only to feed his own desires of becoming a professional trader, but to share the learning process with others fascinated by the markets as well, especially beginners. What’s better than hearing from a real, veteran trader – sharing wins, losses, what works, and what doesn’t? These failures, triumphs, and overall experiences are what he believes to be the ticket to consistent trading success.

|Check Out the Full Podcast Featuring Kyle Fisher of K Capital Advisors on Trading Story|

Join Brandon as he sheds some light on complex trading concepts, shares a ton of practical trading tips for free, and picks the brains of some inspiring and intelligent guests.

The Podcast Between Brandon Clay and Kyle Fisher:

Earlier this month, Kyle Matthew Fisher, CEO and founder of K Capital Advisors, sat down with Brandon Clay for a 30-minute interview to discuss his successful swing trading strategy. Kyle boasts an impressive corporate finance background and over ten years of trading experience. This experience has resulted in healthy double-digit returns each year for his K Capital Advisors portfolio since inception in 2013.

|Learn More About Kyle Matthew Fisher and K Capital Advisors in My Detailed Review|

Kyle’s service focuses on flexible swing trading signals focused on small to mid-cap stocks. He stresses risk management and cautions against over-allocation. There are five specific patterns that Kyle refers to as his “bread and butter”, which are detailed in the Education Center for members. No day trades, no chat rooms – this is a true swing trading service that shouldn’t involve being chained to a computer all day. Hold times are roughly eight to ten days on average.

K Capital Advisors

If you were with K Capital Advisors since inception and achieved similar results, you’d be looking at over a 100%  return on your portfolio – impressive gains for a part-time trading strategy.

Written by Matt Thomas

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