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Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading

Jason Bond Picks Results – Annual Track Record

A Review of Jason Bond’s Trading Results Since Inception of Jason Bond Picks (2011-Present):

Jason Bond ResultsQuick Description of Jason Bond Picks: JBP is a stock trading educational platform broken down into three separate service offerings. It all started with Jason Bond’s flagship Swing Trading service back in 2011 and developed from there into multiple high-quality offerings that fit the needs of many traders depending on preference and availibility.

Day & Swing Trading:

Jason Bond’s most popular service focused on 5-10%+ gains per trade on 1-4 day holds.

Long Term Trading:

For busy individuals. Hold times tend to be about 1-4 weeks, as opposed to days.

Millionaire Roadmap:

Mentor program that aims to accelerate knowledge/profits of any member that joins.

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Jason Bond’s Yearly Track Record – Profits Each Year Since Inception:

Year S&P 500 (%) Jason Bond (%) Jason Bond Start ($) Jason Bond Finish ($) Jason Bond Profit ($)
2011 0 14.73 206, 931 237, 407 30, 476
2012 13.41 6.05 287, 407 304, 786 17, 379
2013 29.60 78.18 304, 786 543, 066 238, 280
2014 11.39 31.08 180, 000 235, 951 55, 951
2015 -0.73 188.00 93, 802 270, 148 176,346
2016 (updated 12/31) 9.54 418.05 100,000 518,054 418,054

Jason Bond’s Backstory – On Pace to Make More in 1 Year Than 10 Years as a Teacher:

jason-bond-earnings-teacher-vs-traderJason Bond started college in 1995 at Niagara University and finished in 2001 at Brockport State with a Masters in Education. In 2002, he immediately began his career in New York as a school teacher with a $34,000 starting salary. After ten years of financial strain, he was at the peak of his earnings – a salary just under $53,000. Let’s not forget the $70,000 in tuition he paid for his education over six years and loss of income during that time. So with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt (house, cars, student loans), it was at this point when he decided to free himself from his “safe”, low-income career and pursue his passion as a Wall Street trader.

Over the course of ten years as an NYS teacher, Jason Bond made roughly $430,000 in cumulative salary. To put this into perspective, in 2016 alone (midway through November), he’s already captured over $400,000 and on pace for much more. In just 1 year, Jason Bond will most likely outperform his income over 10 years as a school teacher – that’s life-changing money and showcases the potential of an effective stock trading strategy. And he’s not the only trader experiencing success. This year, one of his standout students, Kyle Dennis, exceeded $1,000,000 in trading profits from a starting portfolio of $15,000 in less than three years.

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Jason Bond Picks Track Record

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  • Sameer khan says:

    I am interested in stock trading myself. I have not found the opportunity to begin because of high start up costs for practically every program out there. Am I not looking sufficiently hard or is it that I should simply hold up until the point when I have enough to begin? Is Jason Bond real with his business and program? How does Jason Bond contrast with crypto trading?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Sameer. Although certain stock trading programs can provide you with a more structured approach when it comes to education, there are certainly many Free Resources out there to help you get started. It’s never too early to begin the educational process and start gaining experience. Free lessons are out there, you just have to do some digging. And Paper Trading provides you with the opportunity to test strategies without any financial risk.

      If you’re looking for some free lessons and webinars to get started, two of my favorite spots to find them are Jason Bond’s Jason Bond Picks Blog and Kyle Dennis’ Biotech Breakouts Blog. In fact, my BioTech Breakouts Review even links to 3 or 4 of Kyle’s best video lessons geared toward beginners. Both Jason and Kyle are the real deal and offer some of the best educational services and training communities on Wall Street.

      Probably the best part of their programs is 100% transparency – Jason Bond live streams his brokerage account during market hours for Millionaire Roadmap members, and Kyle Dennis does the same for his Nucleus clients. Not many other traders out there are willing to do this (most likely because they have something to hide). These services are focused on trading stocks, not Cryptocurrencies. Take care!

  • Paul says:

    Hi Matt,

    As far as I’m concerned, if Jason Bond’s story has one take away point, it’s about ‘safe jobs.’ Being an employee didn’t get him very far, did it? It wasn’t until he was willing to expand himself and go for his own business and trading that he began to really thrive. How many of us are stuck in jobs because we feel more secure? We’re not really doing ourselves a favor.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Paul – I completely agree with you. There’s definitely something to be said about the lifestyle that can be achieved through your own online business and stock trading. After 10 years of hard work and dedication as a schoolteacher, Jason didn’t have much to show for it. In fact, he was about a quarter million dollars in debt at that point. He went to school (even got a Master’s degree), landed a solid job, bought a house – basically did everything right according to conventional wisdom. But he was still drowning in debt. Is that the so-called American dream?

      So many of us can relate to this exact scenario. There’s a sense of security when it comes to our jobs even though we hate them, earn modest wages/salaries, and barely get any vacation time to do the things we enjoy. And many times, that comes after 4-6 years of college education that costs a fortune. It’s sad, but true. And it’s a struggle to break free from that mindset. When Jason quit his job to pursue trading stocks and running a newsletter, everyone thought he was crazy. They wrote it off as a mid-life crisis. But he was done with the conventional path that only sent him backwards financially. He took a calculated risk, worked his tail off, and now he’s a multi-millionaire as a result.

      If that doesn’t get you motivated to learn how to trade stocks and earn a consistent income doing so, then I don’t know what will. Jason Bond is no genius. Just a regular guy with an exceptional work ethic and energetic passion for helping his students make money in the stock market. If he can generate 100-300%+ returns each year, it’s possible that you can too. It all comes down to mindset and willingness to work hard in areas that will reward you monetarily (like the stock market with its unlimited potential). Take care!

  • Andrew G says:

    Thank you once again, Matt for what amounts to some strong trading principles and training offered on your site consistently, this time focusing on the track record of Jason Bond with his elite-level swing trading, is bringing quality education to the marketplace and that is exactly what sooo many people need in this market.

  • J-Money says:

    I really like this article. The topic is something I am very fascinated in. My favorite service offering was the first one about day and swing trading. I would have liked a little more background information.

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