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Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading

Jason Bond Picks Mentor Service – The Millionaire Roadmap

By November 10, 2015September 13th, 202128 Comments

What is the Mentor Service Offered at Jason Bond Picks?

Jason Bond Millionaire RoadmapDue to the extreme success of Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading, Jason Bond has increased his service offerings to include a mentor service called the Millionaire Roadmap. Building upon what he has done with the classic Swing Trading service, he takes his teaching to an entirely different level with the Millionaire Roadmap.

After repeated pleading from his current clients for a more intensive 1-on-1 educational opportunity, Jason Bond finally created the mentor service characterized by live look-ins of himself trading, a live stream of his portfolio moves, and overall, a more intimate experience for only the most serious traders. This is a unique opportunity to learn the secret strategies that have resulted in over $150,000 in gains for Jason this year.

As if he wasn’t passionate enough about his flagship service, he completely throws his heart, body, and soul into closely mentoring a small group of traders and challenging them to succeed every single day. He’s so serious about the success of his mentor students, in fact, that he’s willing to do something he’s never done before up until this point.

The Reason For The Name – “Millionaire Roadmap”:

Jason Bond SurveyStarting in 2016, he will adjust his swing trading portfolio to $500,000 with a goal of doubling it by year’s end in order to reach the $1,000,000 mark. If he’s successful in doing so, he will buy himself a Porsche, but he won’t stop there. He’s giving away three additional Porsches to the first few clients that reach the one million dollar goal trading alongside him. Talk about incentive for those with large enough portfolios to realistically reach this target!

[Late December 2015 Update: Jason Bond took a vote on what his members preferred he do in 2016 – rebalance his portfolio to $500,000 or $100,000. His clients favored the $100,000 starting portfolio by a landslide, so Jason has changed his plans to accommodate them. Nonetheless, his car offers are still on the table. The first three individuals to achieve $1,000,000 in cumulative gains as Jason Bond Picks members will receive Porsches.]

Jason Bond’s Classic Swing Trading Service vs. The Millionaire Roadmap

The highlights of Jason Bond’s classic Swing Trading service are detailed daily watch lists, real-time text & email alerts, a library of 60+ video lessons, and a chat room of active traders. He found a way to build on this even further through his mentor service, Millionaire Roadmap. Here are the 7 major components:

1) Daily Video Watch Lists: It’s one thing to read an email containing high-potential stocks for the day, and another for Jason to explain to you in-depth exactly what he’s seeing in the market through a 5-10 minute video each morning. These are based on the standard daily watch lists sent out via email, but his favorite trades and opportunities are broken down even further to provide a sneak-peek into Jason’s brain..

2) Private Chat Room: For the serious group of traders looking to further their knowledge and take their portfolios to the next level, the chat room is an intimate setting just for the mentor clients during market hours. The price point of the service assures that only serious traders will join, and this exclusive environment will help them learn and apply Jason’s strategies in a much more efficient manner.

Jason Bond Picks Results3) Live Day & Swing Trading: This is arguably the best aspect of the mentor service as it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Jason making his trades. Instead of simply reviewing video lessons, watch lists, and alerts to decide on potential trades for yourself, you can have the chance to scan for charts, monitor price action, and above all else, understand what Jason is thinking and seeing in real-time before hitting the “buy” or “sell” button. These events are scheduled so that every member can plan for them in advance.

4) Daily Video Wrap Up: Same concept as the daily video watch list, but produced after the market’s close. This is a chance to review the performance of open trades, missed opportunities, key happenings in the market, etc. It brings closure to the day and facilitates preparation for the next day. At this point, Jason’s providing video watch lists for pre-market analysis, an exclusive chat room and live trading for guidance during market hours, and daily wrap-ups for post-market evaluation.

5) Webinars: If daily video watch lists, private chat room, live day & swing trading, and daily video wrap-up’s weren’t enough to aid your learning, webinars are held to cover specific topics as well. Q&A sessions with Jason can further your understanding in areas that you feel you need to be stronger in and button up any gaps in your education.

6) Instructional DVD’s: Jason Bond currently has 2 instructional DVD’s available in his shop: The Basics of Swing Trading & The House Always Wins – both available to Mentor clients for free (a $1,494 value). Any instructional DVD’s that he produces in the future will be provided to Mentor clients at no additional cost as well. The value of this service just continues adding up.

7) Conferences: Yearly conferences will be held to provide a chance for every mentor client to meet Jason Bond himself. This is an opportunity to ask him questions, share ideas, meet fellow members, and ultimately further market knowledge through a sense of community. This in itself would be roughly a $1,000 value, available at no charge to mentor clients as part of their subscription.

Conclusion – Are You 100% Committed to Becoming a Successful Trader?

The Millionaire Roadmap mentor service provided by Jason Bond is certainly at the high-end of the price scale as far as Wall Street newsletters go, but you need to consider the value you’re receiving. Not many services will provide daily video watch lists, private chat rooms, live trading look-ins, daily video wrap-ups, webinars, instructional DVD’s, conferences, and a live stream of every move in the portfolio.

And Jason Bond’s not giving away the cars to discourage anybody that can’t realistically reach that mark based on their current portfolio value. He’s doing it to prove that his service is helping people and can drastically change their lives. He’s sending a message that it has the potential to turn his clients into millionaires if they’re willing to work hard enough. Of course, it takes a large portfolio to meet this challenge alongside him, but his strategy works for portfolios of any size.

|Discover How a Millionaire Roadmap Client Turned $15K into Over $1M in Less Than 3 Years|

Jason Bond Picks Mentor Service

|Read the Ultimate Jason Bond Picks Review to Learn All About the Service Offerings|

Take some time to review the offerings at Jason Bond Picks and decide which one coincides with what type of trader you are. Good luck and trade green! Please leave any questions or comments concerning Jason Bond Picks below.

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  • angelce903 says:


    I must say that your review and related pages on Jason Bond Picks mentoring service are very extensive and well documented. They also reveal the passion for trading and teaching behind the mentoring service. Even if I am not currently a huge fan of short term trading, you gained my interest in being mentored by this group of millionaire traders to become successful at it myself!


    • Matt Thomas says:

      It’s certainly refreshing to find self-made millionaire trading mentors that are just as passionate about teaching their students how to be successful than they are personally concerned with capturing their own trading profits. Some traders find strategies that work and are selfish with their methods and keep everything a secret. But Jason Bond is much more concerned with teaching and motivating his students more than anything else. That’s why I like 100% transparent mentorship services like Millionaire Roadmap, Nucleus, and Traders Council so much. These guys actually care about their members by offering tons of education, live trading opportunities, and supportive communities.

  • Cassie says:

    One of the best things a person can do for themselves is invest in the stock market. However, as you mentioned, it’s not for everyone, and everyone should not become an investor if they’re not interested in the research and studying aspect.

    I have dabbled in the markets after taking several finance classes in college. I can honestly say I made money, but the stress of it became to much for me as trading takes up much time and vigilance! (I have young children!)

    I would be interested in Jason Bond as a mentor. His website and videos suggest that everything he offers is jam-packed with value. He is a master of his craft and would be a great mentor for anyone looking to make money with trading and investing.

  • Julien says:

    I have a finance background and what I can say for sure is that trading isn’t a game. The best way to not lose money is to learn from experienced people. I would recommend anyone to start by learning and doing with a mentor. By watching the video I can tell that Jason Bond looks committed to helping his members. The Millionaire Roadmap must be such a valuable service. Are you personally trading?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Julien. I am personally trading. I’ve tried and tested many services out there (including Millionaire Roadmap), but right now I’m focused on a service called DailyProfitMachine. This particular service run by Davis Martin is fairly new to me, so I’m taking my time going through the video lessons, viewing the watch lists, and studying all of the educational materials available. I just recently started making some of his “SPY Trades of the Day” and my account is already approaching a 20% gain. Hopefully the results I’m seeing continues. Overall, Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap is by far one of the best mentorship services out there for traders, and just as the name suggests, Jason has produced a handful of new millionaire students through his guidance and teachings.

  • Malenyalo says:

    Very motivational what Jason Bond is doing. I did try trading a year ago and things didn’t quite go as planned because I was inexperienced. Which is why I like what this guy is doing because he’s giving us newbees a chance to really stand a chance unlike setting us up for failure like many other trading services I know.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Melanyelo – you make a great point. There are far too many subpar trading services out there that hype-up their offerings, but never really provide their members with anything of value. They essentially ‘trick’ members into subscribing for membership fees and never actually teach them much of anything. Worst of all, they might not even have much of a track record or trading experience at all. Some of these charlatans don’t even trade with real money.

      Jason Bond, however, is revolutionizing the ‘stock trading education’ industry by actually being honest and real in an industry full of scams. It’s sad that so many other services are mediocre at best, but that’s unfortunately the way it is. His Millionaire Roadmap program is the ultimate in education and transparency.

      All of his strategies are out there on the table. He even live streams his brokerage account on a daily basis while he trades in front of his members live. He can’t hide any losing trades or lie about performance. His service lives or dies by him actually being able to trade profitably and teach his members to do the same. I’ve still yet to hear one complaint about this service even though it has a relatively high price tag. It’s a testament to the service he provides and the community he’s built.

  • Monica Bouteiller says:

    I always enjoy reading your articles, particularly on Jason Bond. His mentor program has definitely been proven to be successful. I really enjoyed watching this video and I’m feeling much more confident about making the decision to do this. I really like the service of having a private chat and only the serious trader can join in which means getting insider tips from experts. Will be doing soon. Thanks again Matt!

  • Jacquie says:

    My second comment to your posts today – can you tell I’m interested?

    The more I read and watch, the more apparent it is just how achievable success can be for those ready to really go for it.

    I’m a little sad I’m not able to commit to this sort of investment at this point in my life, but by gosh, wish this was a few years ago before I started my family. Dude, I’d have given it my all!

    Will be sharing this with many young people in my life, just in case, this needs to be accessible to many.

    Again, thanks for sharing!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Jacquie – I appreciate your input. The Millionaire Roadmap is hands-down the best program I’ve come across when it comes to actively trading the markets. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, there’s no doubt about that, but the potential rewards are extraordinary.

      I took the opportunity to try the service for 3 months a little while back and experienced a 23% Gain in My Portfolio. That’s over double the Average Annual Return of the S&P 500 in only a quarter of the time. I was essentially on pace for a 100% return in 1 year. That was also while working a full-time 9-5 job, so I didn’t even have the complete focus on it that I would’ve liked. Otherwise, my results probably would’ve been far better.

      This is a program I’ll definitely be re-visiting in order to amplify my trading skills and profits at some point in the near future. I’m currently a paying subscriber of Jason Bond’s Swing & Long Term Trading service, and once things settle down with reviews of other trading services out there, I’ll most likely be joining MRM again. With full commitment, I can only imagine what can be achieved with this program – Kyle Dennis is the model of that success. Of course, not everybody will achieve results on that scale, but many have achieved different levels of success with it just like I have. Cheers!

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