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Is Thomas Kralow Real and Does He Offer a Legitimate Trading Education Program?

When it comes to evaluating a trading course, program, or service, the most common question amongst potential users is always: “is this program a scam or legit?” – so that exact question is what I will attempt to thoroughly answer in regard to Thomas Kralow.

Having used, tested, and reviewed dozens of trading courses, programs, platforms, tools, and services throughout the past eight years, I can say without a doubt that many are lousy and ineffective – so it’s wise to initially be skeptical of every single one of them.

Is Thomas Kralow Legit - Is His Trading Program Worth it

This is the exact stance I took on Thomas Kralow’s so-called “University Grade Trading Education Program” after hearing about it. I immediately thought it sounded too good to be true and that Thomas Kralow himself was just another fake guru.

But once I dug into his YouTube videos and the actual content of his trading program, I started noticing some distinct differences between him and the other trading gurus I’ve experienced in the past. The contrast was shocking to say the least.

I was expecting absurd claims and false promises, as well as a chat room, newsletter, or alert service that pumped his own positions. But I found none of that. What I found instead was somebody focused on proper expectation-setting and the realities of trading.

Below I’ll discuss in detail why I believe Thomas Kralow’s trading program is far more legitimate than many others I’ve come across.

What is in Thomas Kralow’s Trading Program – 3 Reasons Why it’s Far Better Than Most Others:

The average trading course, program, or service online doesn’t really offer much in the way of education. It’s usually a chat room, newsletter, or alert service that reinforces dependency on the trading guru instead of your own self-sufficiency.

What is in Thomas Kralow's Complete Trading Program

And when it comes to actually trying to develop self-sufficiency through video lessons or courses, if the particular program even offers any, they’re usually just a disorganized mash-up of confusing lessons and old webinar recordings.

So one of the major ways Thomas Kralow’s trading program stands out is through the organized, well-structured curriculum. It’s a logical approach from basic to complex topics that build on top of each other as you go. It’s not a short, useless course.

Here are 3 additional ways that Thomas Kralow and his trading program stand out from the vast majority of others in the space:

1. Complete Transparency About Himself and the Realities of Trading

Most trading programs and services try to act like trading success is simple and easy to achieve in order to attract the largest amount of people to it. They’ll promote their “foolproof systems” and “explosive profits” just so that you subscribe.

But after you join, you realize it’s not that simple. The foolproof systems and explosive profits are reserved for the trading gurus pumping and dumping their own alerts – and you end up finding that the results you were promised are impossible to match.

So they reel you in with false promises and fancy marketing, which oftentimes includes flat-out lies. And then once you subscribe, they’ll claim that you need to educate yourself through video lessons – not just copy them. It’s a bait-and-switch.

But what I respect about Thomas Kralow is that he’s completely upfront about the realities of trading. Instead of feeding you lies about how easy it is, he tells you straight-up that becoming a consistently profitable trader “will be intense” and a “marathon, not a sprint”.

He’s also completely transparent about the reasons why he created a trading program, how much money it makes, as well as the details of his personal net worth. This isn’t something I’ve seen any other trading guru do – most likely because they’re hiding something.

Overall. what stands out is Thomas Kralow’s transparency about the realities of trading BEFORE you purchase his program (not after).

2. Major Emphasis on the Mental Component – Trading Psychology and Mindset

Another common theme amongst so-called trading gurus on the whole is the avoidance of trading psychology and mindset – even though the mental aspect is something every single new trader struggles with and is critical for long-lasting success.

In my personal opinion, side-stepping this vital topic substantially undermines student growth. You might think trading is all about having some incredible strategy or system. But even the best system can be compromised by an undisciplined, impulsive trader.

What is Day Trading Psychology

It’s true that learning patterns, setups, and strategies is far more exciting than taking a deep look within yourself for biases and impulses that are controlling your behaviors. So it’s no surprise when newbies get lost trying to find the “holy grail” in some indicator.

Instead of analyzing their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to find what’s causing inconsistency in their results – they think it’s their strategy. In most cases, however, the strategy is being undercut by an emotionally erratic and irrational individual.

This is an extremely important topic to cover because most people have the wrong idea about what it takes to be a successful trader. It’s not about being smart or gifted. It’s about having a statistical edge and being able to capitalize on that edge with consistency.

Trading is far more mindset-oriented than most people realize – and it’s a unique mindset that has to align with market characteristics. Nobody is born with it. It has to be developed. Unfortunately, 90%+ of traders fail to take it seriously.

Thankfully, Thomas Kralow covers trading psychology and mindset right off the bat within the first two chapters of his program.

3. Central Focus on Genuine Training and Proper Skill-Building

Instead of running a chat room, sending out a newsletter, or pumping his own alerts, Thomas Kralow’s main focus is on the actual education of his students. A lot of other trading programs on the internet claim to be about education, but their marketing messages about how easy trading is – along with the subpar learning resources they offer – seem to dictate otherwise.

This makes sense when you think about it. Most trading programs want to keep you (as the student) dependent on them forever. Because if you were to become self-sufficient, you would no longer need them and could stop paying your subscription fee.

What is Training For Trading - Best Day Trader Training

This, however, isn’t how Thomas Kralow operates. He doesn’t offer trade alerts for his students to copy, nor does he brag about his own track record. Because he knows that doing so would only hinder your growth in becoming a self-reliant trader.

Alternatively, what he does is offer you the curriculum and support necessary for achievaing durable market success. It’s not about learning just one simple pattern and structure. It’s about putting together multiple trading concepts into one working whole.

Technical analysis is only one small piece of trading. Your success depends on much more than that: mindset/psychology, risk and money management, understanding of indicators, key market levels, market depth, properly tracking your trades, and more.

Overall, it’s not some monkey-see-monkey-do alert service. It allows you to acquire the necessary information and build the appropriate skills to put together your own personal trading algorithm based on the markets and time frames you prefer.

#1 Thomas Kralow Complaint – Find Out Why Some People Call His Program a Scam:

In relation to how many students speak highly of Thomas Kralow and his trading program, there really aren’t all that many complaints. But the main one I’ve seen is about how he no longer day trades himself, yet sells a day trading program.

For non-students, I definitely understand the skepticism. But after going through his program myself, it really doesn’t matter to me that he no longer day trades. The great part about his program is that it focuses on you (the student) – not him (Thomas Kralow).

Is Thomas Kralow a Scam or Legit? My Perspective as a Student

Years ago, I used to think that requesting brokerage statements and track records from trading gurus would tell the entire story of whether they were legitimate or not – as I’m sure this is the information that many people would consider the absolute truth.

But what I’ve found is that track records from trading gurus who run chat rooms and alert services can easily be distorted when they enter into a position with thousands of followers subsequently piling in behind them. It provides the guru with an unfair advantage.

Thomas Kralow, however, experienced seven years of trading success before even creating his program – so his track record isn’t distorted by sending out alerts to thousands of followers. His profits came from trading on his own 10-12 hours per day at his desk.

And now he no longer day trades as a lifestyle choice. Instead of the solitary and stressful endeavor of day trading, he wanted to transition into more social and creative projects. This transition is the main reason he created the program to begin with.

The Wrap Up – Is Thomas Kralow’s Trading Course Good and is His Mentorship Worth it?

I personally hesitate to even call what Thomas Kralow offers a course because it’s way more than the average trading course you might find on the internet. It’s a full-blown learning program – and I understand why he makes the claim of it being “university grade”.

It’s not just the organized and comprehensive distribution of information that sets his program apart, but the supplemental tasks, homework, quizzes, and even a final exam that provide for deeper learning. You just don’t see this from most other programs.

|Discover 3 Great Ways to Start Learning From Thomas Kralow For Free|

Thomas Kralow Biography - Who is Thomas Kralow

|Read My Full Thomas Kralow Review For Curriculum Details, Pros & Cons, and More|

Sadly, these opportunities for deep learning and skill-building often get overlooked, but it’s crucial to your long-term success as a trader. Thomas Kralow understands the difference between conceptual understanding and practical application, which makes all the difference. If consistent trading success only required conceptual understanding, a lot more traders would be successful.

To put this point into perspective, imagine elite athletes like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. There are plenty of analysts, commentators, or even fans who have a solid conceptual understanding of football and basketball. But that doesn’t mean they have the ability to hop on the field or court and perform anywhere close to the skill levels of Tom Brady and Michael Jordan.

That’s because performing at an elite level requires legitimate training. Since trading doesn’t necessarily require any physical capabilities (besides clicking buttons), most people fail to to recognize that it’s a skill-based, peak-performance endeavor.

Overall, there’s no doubt that Thomas Kralow’s program is good since it concentrates so heavily on student skill-development.

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Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Steve says:

    I am looking at an extra source of revenue and have approached a couple of different companies. Only to be bombarded with emails and calls. If I approached this company do you think they would do the same? I am currently in lockdown but want to do something when I get back to work. Are there any other companies or people you would recommend. I am always looking for ways to make a second income. Thanks in advance, Steve.  

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Steve – thanks for reaching out. If you contact Thomas Kralow’s team about his trading program, I don’t think they would bombard you with emails and calls. I haven’t personally experienced anything like that and I haven’t heard of any other individuals complaining about it – so I think you would be in the clear there. I’ve gone through his Complete program and I’m also signed up to receive newsletter updates from him, but that’s maybe 1-2 emails per week. Usually it’s just a link to one of his YouTube videos. And some of the more recent ones have been about him adding an additional chapter to his program covering long-term investing. But if you sign up for these email updates, you can always unsubscribe at any time.

      I know a lot of people tend to view trading as a passive form of income, but I just want to provide fair warning that learning, developing the necessary skills, and then effectively applying those skills in the market on a consistent basis isn’t passive at all. Most outsiders think that being a good trader only requires the ability to click a couple buttons and some luck, but it’s much more than that. Active trading is an endeavor that requires a serious time commitment – especially in the training phase. That’s why Thomas Kralow’s program is designed to take four to five months for students to finish. It’s not like most other short, lousy courses that trick you into believing in magical indicators and foolproof systems. It’s a real trading education with over 200 lessons and various tests and interactive tasks along the way. Even though you can use the information provided and the skills you build throughout the program and apply it to longer-term, more passive forms of trading or investing (swing trading, position trading, etc.) – the majority of the course, generally speaking, is geared toward day trading.

      Overall, my top recommendation for a trading learning program is Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education. And right behind that I have 2ndSkies Trading with Chris Capre – specifically The Advanced Traders Mindset Course and The Trading Masterclass. The reason I like these mentors and their courses/programs so much is for two main reasons: 1) their supreme focus on trading mindset/psychology, and 2) the legitimate training they provide for their students. Sadly, the majority of other trading courses, programs, and services out their either do a subpar job of covering the topic of trading psychology, or worse – completely ignore it. They also tend to set the wrong expectations of what it takes to achieve durable market success and attempt to spoon-fed subscribers with things like real-time alerts and hot stock picks. While these things sound great to newbies in theory, they pretty much never work. All they do is undermine your ability to ever achieve self-sufficiency.

      I’m also currently working on some reviews of top-notch funded trader programs, which I think can provide some amazing opportunities for individuals who take the time to properly train and develop their skills. These programs typically offer some form of low-cost tryout (around $100-200 per month) in order for traders to prove that they can capture consistent profits while managing risk. If they pass, the program funds them with trading accounts of $50,000-150,000 and beyond – along with tons of additional support like performance coaching. For individuals who have a passion for trading, but simply don’t have the financial means to make trading for a living a realistic pursuit – these funded trader programs can be exceptional opportunities.

  • Caleb U says:

    His trading program is legit and very educational. This can potentially turn you into a millionaire if you dedicate your work into this. He is like no other trading coach and mentor someone can have, he talks about the realties of trading and himself, having a trading mindset, and you’re divine attention to the training and proper skill building can lead to great things.  

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Caleb – thanks for sharing your thoughts on Thomas Kralow. I completely agree that his proper expectation-setting, focus on trading psychology, and his overall transparency on all levels (personal, trading, and business) are an absolute rarity within this space. These are some of the main reasons why I like him and his trading program so much. He’s not perfect – and neither is his trading program – but it’s the closest thing to a university-level trading course that I’ve ever seen. In my personal opinion, all other trading coaches, mentors, gurus, and educators have a lot to learn from the way he has designed his program. No ineffective chat rooms or trade alerts – just a comprehensive education for students to work hard over a four to five month period and build self-sufficiency.

  • Julian says:

    Very genuine review on Thomas Kralows program. Many gurus out there sure promise the same old fast returns, getting rich quick and easy so on and so forth. I also believe his mindset training is important because there are alot of emotions involved when trading, and having the right mindset is key to success. Those who don’t do mindset trainings are unfortunately giving their students a disadvantage. You’ve cleared up the scepticism of this program and its very different from all those get rich quick and easy trainings, which then sadly causes others to lose lots of money because of the over promises and hence, the wrong trading mindset and approach. Thank you for your transparency in the review and for showing me that he is the real deal after all the scams out there heightened the online scepticism. Cheers!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Julian!

      The trading education industry is such a crazy space because (unfortunately) most courses are far too basic to have any practical value – or are just complete nonsense (selling false promises, unrealistic dreams, etc). Since ridiculous claims and get-rick-quick promises are sadly the norm, it immediately puts people into the wrong trading mindset right from the start. Everyone loves to focus on the potential results and lifestyle they can obtain from it, but don’t want to follow the proper process to get there. As a result, most people search for shortcuts – some chat room, guru, or alert service that will feed them a consistent flow of winning trades with little to no effort on their part. I’m no exception to this phenomenon by the way – I subscribed to a handful of alert services at the beginning of my own trading journey. But this approach never works. Dependency on anyone else is ineffective. Self-sufficiency is the only path to durable trading success.

      This is why I like Thomas Kralow’s trading program so much because he’s actually honest about the realities of it. He leads with the proper expectations, never claims that trading is easy, and is completely transparent about aspects of his life that I’ve never seen any other trading guru share (like publicly revealing the full details of his net worth). But back to the main point, his trading program isn’t just some lousy 3 hour course that’s “guaranteed to generate $10K per week following this simple pattern”. It’s an in-depth curriculum that’s designed to take 4-5 months to complete. And it’s not just video lessons that you can press play on and then stop paying attention to – unless you want to score poorly on the homework and tests after each one. It’s an environment that incentivizes active learning, skill-building, and overall growth as a trader.

      Most people wrongfully assume that there’s some sort of holy grail to everlasting trading success that they can find in some indicator, pattern, or setup. Something they can just put on autopilot and let run forever as they sit on the beach making passive income for doing nothing. But that’s just not how it works. The market is dynamic – it’s in constant motion. Nothing is certain. An indicator that worked great one year might stop working the next, and then come back into play two years after that. Conditions are constantly changing, and as they do, traders need to have the know-how and flexibility to adapt as well. So if you think some magical indicator or pattern will work forever, you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

      Thomas Kralow’s program, unlike many others, covers a vast array of concepts and tools that are needed for long-lasting success: trading psychology, risk and money management, technical indicators, pinpointing key levels, depth of market analysis, fundamental analysis, tracking statistics, and more. Most importantly, all of this combined together in just the right way allows students to create their own approach, or “personal trading algorithm” as he calls it, and continuously refine it over time based on market and trade data. In my opinion, this is the real approach to learning how to trade. It’s not based on trying to be a copy-cat and blindly copy the trades of some guru or moderator in a chat room – which is the exact approach so many prospective traders take. It’s about developing skills, self-sufficiency, and iterating over time to create strategies and systems that are uniquely your own based on market/time frame/product preferences and cognitive strengths/weaknesses. There are so many different ways to make money in the market and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

      In the end, those who claim that Thomas Kralow is a scam are probably in one of three categories: 1) they’ve never actually been through his program and are just upset that it costs money, 2) they had the wrong expectations going into the program and expected it to provide some sort of fast/easy/magical answers, or 3) they are one of his competitors trying to funnel customers into their own trading courses or programs. Don’t get me wrong, I understand some of the common complaints, but there is no perfect trading service. This, however, is as close to a university-grade trading education as I’ve ever seen. It’s not like your typical chat room, newsletter, or alert service that cultivates a bunch of monkey-see-monkey-do traders who can’t think or operate for themselves. It’s a program that builds technical, analytical, and mental skills for self-sufficiency.

      Certainly, there will be individuals who go through the program and fail to achieve consistent success, but that’s because it takes time, hard work, and perseverance. There’s no automatic success – much of it depends on the effort you put into it and the skills you build. Paying for personal pitching lessons and training isn’t a scam just because you might never make it to the big leagues. But there will definitely be individuals who make it – and they are almost always the ones who put the odds in their favor by following the proper process, paying for private coaching, and continuously training to improve their performance/edge. Overall, trading is a skill-based, peak performance endeavor much like a professional sport. Most people just don’t realize or accept this fact because it’s far more mental than it is physical.

  • Lily says:

    Your review gave me a really good idea about what Thomas Kralow and his trading program have to offer. It really sounds like a great program with his focus on learning and understanding the psychology behind day trading and not just basic chart patterns and setups. I appreciate that he also helps with ongoing development upon completion of the program. Your analogy about being an athlete was well said as I do think a lot of people go into trading with a starry-eyed approach and don’t understand that it takes knowledge and applied skills to do it well.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Lily – I’m glad this post gave you a good idea of what Thomas Kralow’s trading program is all about. Instead of feeding newbies ineffective alerts like many other trading services do, he actually focuses on legitimate education and training. This is rare within the trading education space, but I’m glad I came across it. Thomas Kralow’s transparency is unlike any other trading educator/coach/mentor I’ve come across to date. He publicly shares details of his life and finances that no other person within the space ever has (as far as I know). And what I like most of all is that he actually treats trading like the skill-based endeavor that it is – not the get-rich-quick path that fake gurus try to make it seem. Cheers!

  • Abel says:

    I was surprised to see how this learning platform had received so much positive attention (and also a little negative to be fair). So, I decided to research Thomas Kralow on YouTube, Udemy, and his program, and it turns out that he’s a great teacher in my opinion. I want to get good at trading, but want to learn from the best. Based on experience, Thomas Kralow’s program is not just hype, it’s the real deal.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with Thomas Kralow and his trading program. Feel free to share any additional details as time goes on. I always like to hear specific commentary from those with firsthand experiences with any trading courses, programs, platforms, tools, or services available out there – but especially about the ones I personally recommend. Take care!

  • Jerry says:

    Sorry, but I am confused here. I am 10-15 minutes in and I am still trying to find what the trading is in or for. I even accessed the full Thomas Kralow review you refer to at the end of the article, but except for the lessons and the cost, it does not help me any further. Is it about trading in general in any goods or services or is it in the stock market or similar? Or another specific market? It is good to see though that you fully trust Thomas Kralow’s training program and that it is probably legit. However, although you do imply so, you did not answer your own question of whether this program is legit.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Jerry – I apologize for any confusion or lack of clarity. Thomas Kralow’s trading program is mainly about short-term trading (like day trading and swing trading) in stocks and futures. But these concepts also apply to other markets like Forex, cryptocurrencies, etc. At the end of the training, it’s really up to the individual student to decide what markets and time frames they want to trade based on what’s available to them, their own personal schedule, and preferences. With time differences and other restrictions, it’s not always possible or plausible for everyone to trade the US stock market, for example. Someone living in the UK might trade the London Stock Exchange or someone in China might trade the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Some people might also prefer to trade Forex (even though Thomas Kralow doesn’t particularly recommend it). Overall, the training helps build technical, analytical, and mental trading skills that can be applied to any market.

      As far as me stating whether or not Thomas Kralow is legit, I personally think he is based on my experiences with his YouTube videos and trading program itself – and I thought I made my opinion pretty clear. I stated in the last sentence of the first section that “Thomas Kralow’s trading program is far more legitimate than any other I’ve come across to date” and then the next heading includes “3 reasons why it’s far better than most others”. In the last sentence of the article, I also say that “there’s no doubt that Thomas Kralow’s program is good”. But this is all just my opinion, so I shared some thoughts from skeptics and haters as well – including the top complaint about him. Overall, I tried to provide viewpoints from both sides so that potential Thomas Kralow students can make a well-informed decision. In my personal opinion, however, it’s not your typical trading program that provides an overfilled chat room, a few lousy video lessons, and alerts just to pump the positions of the trading guru. Instead, it’s a program that solely focuses on training students for self-sufficiency in the markets.

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