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Can K Capital Advisors Turn You Into a Successful Swing Trader?

K Capital Advisors is an exceptional swing trading service headed by former Finance executive, Kyle Matthew Fisher. His services are exactly the type of approach that many “busy professionals” are looking for when it comes to a part-time trading strategy.

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Why is Kyle’s approach so attractive? Because he provides his members with a high degree of confidence thanks to his extensive financial background, the Members Dashboard packs together all of the important information his members need to know on a daily basis. and his alerts aren’t too fast as to overwhelm those with limited availability during market hours.

February 2017 Update: K Capital Terminated Service

What Gives K Capital Advisors a Competitive Edge? Let’s Take a Closer Look:

1) Financial Expertise of Kyle Matthew Fisher:

When you look around and do some research on other stock trading services out there, you come to find that many of the head traders don’t have any formal education or work experience in Finance. This is kind of shocking considering the importance of concepts like asset allocation, risk vs. reward, supply and demand, balance sheet analysis, etc.

This isn’t the case with Kyle Fisher. He secured his MBA from the University of Massachusetts, landed a derivatives internship, took on major roles at a Fortune 100 company, followed up by assignments in private equity, and just recently passed the Level 1 exam of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) curriculum. This makes for a true Corporate Finance background, which provides an instant sense of authenticity and dependability.

[Q&A With Kyle Matthew Fisher, CEO and Founder of K Capital Advisors]

It really makes you wonder if other newsletter operators besides Kyle Fisher have a complete understanding of the same financial concepts that he does and have the qualifications to be guiding large groups of people on Wall Street. Are some of his fellow newsletter operators truly self-taught and running credible newsletters – or are they frauds that are consistently putting their paying subscribers in harm’s way with their ignorance?

2) Members Dashboard is Clear and Concise:

When it comes to the Members Dashboard at K Capital Advisors, there’s not a lot of “noise” to distract you. Which yet again, is another perk for busy professionals. They certainly don’t want to be bothered with irrelevant information.

What’s provided is a weekly update video, Kyle’s thoughts on market sentiment, an overview of open positions, and a handful of watch list items to both the long and short side. That’s it.  Straightforward and to-the-point. Everything is updated on a daily basis besides the video. He also provides pre-market commentary via email to outline his plan for the day.

*Here’s an Example of a Members Dashboard Weekly Update Video*

The Members Dashboard is clear and concise, providing subscribers with the most important information they need to know on a daily and weekly basis, without overwhelming them with too much unnecessary information. Can more information be provided? Yes. But is it all necessary? Probably not. It’s hard to say what the right balance is when it comes to equipping members with important information, while at the same time, not inundating them with too much of it. Kyle does a nice job of prioritizing what’s most essential.

3) Average Hold Times Appeal to Busy Professionals:

Swing trading is a short-term strategy by nature, which is important for potential subscribers to understand before joining any type of newsletter or alert service. Many members tend to struggle if they don’t have the availability to monitor their positions as much as they should. Unfortunately, swing trading isn’t a feasible trading approach for everyone. It depends a lot on your availability during market hours if you want to successfully execute an active trading strategy.

Those looking to pursue swing trading should be able to check on their open positions at least a few times per day, and also have safety measures in place like stop losses in case something goes wrong while they’re away. No swing trading newsletter will promise income on “autopilot”, and if they do, there’s a good chance you’re being scammed. It takes practice and the correct application of concepts to be successful.

[Check Out This Thorough K Capital Advisors Review For More Details]

The good news about K Capital Advisors is that the time horizon is a little longer than other services. What I mean by this is that Kyle Fisher is willing to let trades play out for longer periods of time. While many other services clock average hold times of about one to five days, K Capital Advisors is up closer to the eight to twelve day range. Generally, this results in his members not having to monitor their positions as much – highly appealing to “busy professionals”.

Of course, this type of flexibility that K Capital Advisors offers shouldn’t be taken for granted. Anything can happen in the market that even an expert like Kyle Fisher can’t necessarily predict. As mentioned earlier, it’s vital to have stop losses in place in the case of unforeseen circumstances. But as a whole, you won’t often have to worry about Kyle entering and exiting a position within the same day, which is a major relief for those with busy schedules.

The Wrap-Up: Can K Capital Advisors Put You on the Road to Financial Freedom?

K Capital Advisors is different from other swing trading services that tend to overwhelm beginners with the quantity and speed of alerted trades. K Capital is much better suited for the “busy professional” than those other services, characterized by detailed watch lists, flexible entries and exits, and longer hold times. Kyle’s extensive background in finance serves as a “safety net” for members as well, which allows them to trade with a solid degree of confidence.

K Capital Advisors

This isn’t your typical newsletter that markets itself as foolproof or promises unattainable riches. It’s a realistic, down-to-earth approach. Alerts are easy to follow, members provide positive feedback, and K Capital’s track record of healthy double-digit percentage returns each year since inception speaks for itself.

Please share your thoughts on K Capital Advisors or any other stock trading newsletters below.

Written by Matt Thomas

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Tar says:

    Howdy Matt,

    I think anything related to financial instrument, product and services is quite overwhelming, in particular, the technical terms. It’s almost as if it’s a different world with it’s own financial dictionary like derivatives and bonds. Back to K Capital, as you said, traders do not have the ideal qualification they should have, so it must be overwhelming but with the right character, I guess they are the right people deserved such product. In other words, if we replicate just like them, why not? Anyways, thanks for the detailed review, Matt.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Tar – great input. Trading is something that anybody can literally jump right into without any type of formal qualifications – nobody’s forcing you to take certain course or go through any particular training. That unlimited accessibility provides an amazing opportunity for anybody willing to work hard enough to become a consistently profitable trader, but it can also be dangerous for individuals seeking some sort of shortcut to riches.

      The study time necessary to become a great trader simply shouldn’t be underestimated, and actually attempting to learn something new can be overwhelming for some. The bottom line is that there are a handful of individuals making good money in the stock market, and if we take the time to learn concepts from them and replicate their strategies (or better yet, build strategies of our own that cater to our individual lifestyles and preferences), then we can certainly be successful too. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  • renan says:

    Hi Matt,

    Investing in the stock market without any advice is always a risk. That is why while looking for information I found on your page you recommend K Capital Advisors.

    After searching for information related to this company I see that, despite being young, is a company they offer many guarantees. What must be sure of it is if a “minor” investor with little capital have the same treatment as big business?

    Thanks for the info.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Renan. Just to clarify, K Capital Advisors doesn’t offer any guarantees on profits – that would be unethical. The K Capital team is not in control of your money. Ultimately, you make all of the decisions on the stocks you trade in your portfolio – when you buy, when you hold, when you sell, etc. What they can offer is education via video lessons, watch lists to narrow your focus on high-potential opportunities each day, and real-time alerts to demonstrate that their system works. The service was founded by Kyle Matthew Fisher at the end of 2013 and has posted healthy double-digit returns each year since then.

      No matter what amount of capital you have, whether you’re a retail trader or a hedge fund, everyone receives the same treatment. The core of the service is the “Members Dashboard”, which provides Kyle’s thoughts on market sentiment, his open positions, and watch list items – this area is updated as necessary (usually on a daily basis). Best part of all, every alert in their history is shared on their performance page for both members and non-members to view – that type of transparency is rare in the “stock trading education” space.

      Overall, I think one of the best aspects of the service is their increased hold times of 10-20 days on average, which is conducive to part-time traders seeking to actively follow the market. A large majority of people simply don’t have the availability to day trade or monitor their positions tick-by-tick, and K Capital Advisors demonstrates that it’s possible to achieve desirable returns without doing so. Cheers and trade green!

  • Kevin says:

    Matt, I’m looking forward to investing some money in the market. I just want to make sure that this K Capital Advisors service is good enough for a beginner as myself.

    I need to know (if possible) how are this 10 free lessons you mention structured and which is the minimum investment fee to get in.

    Thanks, Kevin

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Kevin. Great questions. The 10 free video lessons aren’t structured in any specific way. Kyle Matthew Fisher posts a new video to the Members Dashboard (for paying subscribers) on a weekly basis, in which he offers his insights on market sentiment, his open positions, and watch list items. The 10 free lessons are basically the old videos which he’s posted to the Members Dashboard in the past – so you get an idea of what he’s offering to his clients in terms of analysis.

      If you take a look at my K Capital Advisors review, you’ll see that one of my major criticisms of K Capital Advisors is the lack of educational content. There are a handful of video lessons that cover various methods of technical and fundamental analysis, but I feel that the quantity and quality of the lessons just aren’t there yet. The good news is, Kyle has vowed to put an increased focus on his video lessons in 2016.

      The easy-to-follow alerts and increased hold times (about 10 days on average) are what make a service like K Capital Advisors attractive for busy professionals. So if Kyle Fisher could just tighten up those video lessons to cover beginner and intermediate concepts in a comprehensive format, his service would be tough to match. He offers multiple price points ranging from $75-150/month. He also offers a lifetime package with a one-time payment, which could be the ultimate value if willing to commit to K Capital long term.

      As a side note, Top Stock Picks excels when it comes to beginner-friendliness. They offer 5 free video lessons as well, which you may want to check out if that’s a priority to you. And as a subscriber, you receive a ton of educational content covering support and resistance, volume, bids and offers, level 2, stop-losses, candle chart patterns, risk vs. reward, technical indicators, and much more.

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