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First, Let’s Discuss the Structure of Jason Bond Picks:

The main reason Jason Bond Picks is currently so popular amongst traders is because of the Millionaire Roadmap mentorship service. To understand exactly what is offered with this service offering, it’s important to understand the current structure of Jason Bond Picks.

Jason Bond Picks Swing Trades

Jason Bond Picks offers three stand-alone service offerings: Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Long Term Trading. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect from each:

Core Service Offerings at Jason Bond Picks:

Day Trading: This is completely chat-based. No alerts via text or email. Aimed toward trigger-happy traders seeking numerous intraday ideas. The chat room used to fall under the Swing Trading offering, but recently spun off on its own in December 2015.

Who is Jason BondSwing Trading: This is Jason Bond’s flagship service or his “bread and butter”, if you will. You can expect a library of 60+ video lessons, daily watch lists, and real-time alerts via text and email. Jason typically partakes in about 3-5 trades per week ranging about 1-4 days on average.

Long Term Trading: This isn’t your typical “buy-and-hold” strategy that can last over a year, but rather more of a “swing long” strategy. The goal is 5-20% profits over a span of weeks to months. This is geared toward busy professionals with limited availability during market hours.

With this itemized structure, Jason Bond Picks has the flexibility of appealing to many different types of traders. They are all short-term focused, even Long Term Trading to a degree, which aims to capitalize on opportunities with slightly longer hold times and flexibles entries & exits.

Then There’s The Millionaire Roadmap:

The Millionaire Roadmap is Jason Bond’s all-encompassing service – there are essentially no restrictions on the access you receive as a subscriber. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of the aforementioned core services (Day, Swing, and Long Term Trading), but you receive additional benefits as well, including: live trading sessions with Jason, 24/7 live stream of his brokerage account, a private chat room for Millionaire Roadmap clients only, and personalized coaching to become the best trader you can be.

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Keep in mind: Jason’s not promising that you will become a millionaire by signing up for this service. But it truly provides elite-level access that can be life-changing for those willing to apply themselves. He lays his strategy out there on the table for you, no restrictions, and the tools are there for you to succeed.

So How Does K Capital Advisors Compete With This?

The quality of Jason Bond’s service offerings as a whole cannot be denied, especially the Millionaire Roadmap. But there’s one major flaw: his strategy is extremely difficult to mirror, especially without full-time availability to trade during market hours.

K Capital Advisors Logo

At times, Jason can seem more like a day trader, willing to take modest 5-10% profits within the same day if presented with the opportunity. This isn’t bad trading by any stretch – just difficult, and not to mention dangerous, for individuals attempting to copy his trades when they don’t have the same availability as him.

February 2017 Update: K Capital Terminated Service

This is Where K Capital Advisors Has the Advantage:

While both Jason Bond Picks and K Capital Advisors employ swing trading strategies seeking to capture short-term momentum in the market, there are some key differences.

Longer Hold Times On Average: The average hold time for trades in the Swing Trading service at Jason Bond Picks probably falls within the two to five day range, while the average hold time for trades at K Capital Advisors probably falls within the eight to ten day range. On average, the hold times at K Capital Advisors is at least double that of Jason Bond Picks. Even if you mix the hold times from the Long Term Trading service with the hold times from the Swing Trading service at Jason Bond Picks, the average would most likely still be less than that of a typical swing trade at K Capital Advisors.

It’s clear how the longer hold times at K Capital can satisfy the needs of busy professionals much better, offering them more flexibility to enter and exit positions, even with rather limited availability during market hours. In fact, the owner and CEO of K Capital Advisors, Kyle Matthew Fisher, prides his service on helping subscribers take advantage of opportunities in the market on a part-time basis. Swing trading is still an active approach, but shouldn’t require tick-by-tick monitoring. Kyle is much more willing to let trades play out for longer periods of time than Jason is.

|Q&A Session With the CEO and Founder of K Capital Advisors – Kyle Matthew Fisher|

Bottom Line: K Capital Advisors is a true swing trading service and very rarely will you see Kyle enter and exit a position within the same day. This happens quite a bit with Jason’s swing trades at Jason Bond Picks. Feedback from members is that Swing Trading at Jason Bond Picks can get a bit overwhelming for busy professionals, while K Capital Advisors does an outstanding job of simplifying their swing trading approach by giving each trade enough time to take its course and not overwhelm subscribers with too many buy & sell alerts.

Increased Emphasis on Fundamentals: As a whole, those who implement swing trading strategies typically aren’t all that concerned with fundamentals. A company’s balance sheet can be horrendous, but that doesn’t mean money can’t be made on the stock if it is traded at the right time. Their main concern is price trends and patterns, so rightly so, Jason Bond Picks puts major emphasis on technical analysis, as well as near term stories or catalysts.

K Capital Advisors is a little bit different in this regard – while Kyle does still focus his attention on technical analysis, as any other swing trader would, he also puts an increased focus on fundamental analysis. It must be the “finance executive” in him, but the end result of digging deeper into balance sheets and overall financial position is safer trades, at least for the most part. Even if him and his subscribers enter a losing trade, at least the stock has a strong fundamental backbone to hold it up at a certain level (theoretically).

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Bottom Line: Of course nothing is ever guaranteed. Even with a solid mix of both technical and fundamental analysis, trades can go the opposite way than you or any expert thinks. But the additional research certainly seems to show in K Capital’s trading results: giving Kyle more confidence in his alerts, allowing his subscribers to safely hold the stocks for longer periods of time, and comprehensively providing an ideal part-time trading strategy for many individuals.

K Capital Advisors

Reminder – Please Don’t Forget the Dangers of Mirroring:

Before wrapping things up, it’s important to get one more point across. Even though some newsletters are easier to follow along with than others, I never recommend blindly mirroring. What I mean by this is that beginners should never sign up for any newsletter or stock alert service with the sole purpose of mirroring trades, with no attempt at educating themselves.

It’s important to have a solid foundation in stock education first, this way you have the know-how and capability to properly manage your portfolio on your own when necessary. What if for some unexplained reason you miss a sell alert, never check-in on your position, and the stock ends up going to $0? Before this ever happens, you should be smart enough to get out of the trade on your own.

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This is a drastic example of course, but you need to have defensive measures in place like stop losses. And believe it or not, newsletters do, in fact, have people joining every day with one simple goal: mirroring trades – and the craziest part is: these people don’t even know what stop losses are! This type of ignorance is why “mirroring” is more often than not a bad idea, especially in the mind of a novice.

Blindy mirroring and intelligently following are two completely different things. Be the one that seeks the knowledge necessary to become a successful trader, follow along with potential trade ideas and alerts intelligently, and in the end, make portfolio decisions based on your own thoughts and comfort level.

Written by Matt Thomas

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Kevin Pola says:

    Hi Matt, it was interesting to read your post. I traded FX for quite a few years and enjoyed it. Left when the margin increased when brokers were in trouble. I take your warning on mirroring, it is a very dangerous practice, but using the stock alerts sounds good. I will check K Capital Advisors to see what they offer. Cheers, Kev.

  • Christine says:

    Thank you for this information. I can see where both K Capital Advisors and Jason Bond Picks would both be advantageous to a different client mix. My choice would be K Capital as it seems to be more flexible for those who have busy professional lives and can only trade outside of hours. In saying that, I would be looking more at the results. Who is making the most money for their clients.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Christine. Outstanding input. First thing I’d like to caution against is the thought that swing trading can purely be done outside of market hours with K Capital Advisors. It is certainly possible to do so, but it’s important to understand the short-term nature of swing trading. Even though Kyle’s trades tend to last 8-10 days on average, it’s ideal to be able to check in on your trades at least a couple of times a day (during market hours) if you decided to open up a position along with him. Having stop losses in place to trigger a sell when the price reaches a certain level can help protect your portfolio while you’re unable to monitor your positions as well.

      In the end, it’s really important that the trading style you attempt to pursue fits in with your lifestyle. Jason Bond Picks has 3 core services: Day, Swing, and Long Term Trading. If someone with limited availability during market hours subscribes to the Day Trading service, they shouldn’t expect to experience much success. Even the Swing Trading service is fairly fast-paced, just not quite as fast as Day Trading. If you don’t have time to review the video lessons and watch lists, you’re not seeing alerts until hours after the fact, and then you end up chasing positions trying to follow along, it can result in a broken strategy.

      The best option for busy professionals at Jason Bond Picks would be his Long Term Trading service, which attempts to be more flexible with entries/exits. This is more of what’s called a “long swing” approach, but just because “longer hold times” is the goal, doesn’t mean that will always be the case. It’s still important to be able to monitor throughout the day or at least have protective measures in place like stop losses to protect against unexpected drops in price while you’re away. Understand that these services aren’t methods of “making money on autopilot”.

      The best way to compare apples to apples when it comes to Jason Bond Picks and K Capital Advisors would be to say that K Capital best compares to Jason Bond’s Long Term Trading service. K Capital Advisors doesn’t offer any day trading services and the flexibility of their swing trades are more in line with Jason Bond Picks’ Long Term approach, but in my opinion, K Capital offers even more flexibility. As far as the results of these services making money for subscribers goes, I can’t provide any hard data due to the unavailability of that information – the best I can do is share experiences from real members on Jason Bond Picks Testimonials & K Capital Advisors Testimonials.

      Keep in mind that these services or not managing your money for you – you’re still in complete control of your portfolio. But if Jason Bond and Kyle Fisher are growing their portfolios and teaching you their strategies, it can only be assumed that you’re learning and growing yours as well. Both have achieved healthy double-digit percentage returns on their portfolios each year since inception. Take care!

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