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How Exactly Does Benzinga Pro Work – What Does it Have to Offer?

Benzinga Pro is a leading financial news platform that works best for active traders and investors. But it’s important to point out that it’s much more than just a newsfeed – it also offers customizable watch lists, calendars, scanners/screeners, signals/alerts, and more.

How Does Benzinga Pro Work - Is Benzinga Pro Worth it

Benzinga Pro is completely browser-based, which means there’s no clunky software download necessary to run it. It simply delivers powerful market insights through an intuitive interface. The full suite of trading tools can seem overwhelming at first, but the platform remains clean and easy to navigate nonetheless. After a few simple customizations, your personalized workspace can be complete.

For traders and investors who have an established set of stocks that they routinely monitor, Benzinga Pro can be an incredible tool for reducing losses and increasing profits. After creating your own custom watch lists, you can link them to specific calendar types (earnings announcements), signals (unusual options activity), and alerts (price changes) to help position your portfolio for success.

Benzinga Pro Review - What is Benzinga Pro - is it the Best Live Stock Market Newsfeed

For those who don’t already have personalized watch lists created, there are resources available to start building them, especially the screener/scanner tools. There is also a Details feature that allows you to really dig into what a company does, their financial situation, and much more. The overall platform can be utilized based on your own individual trading style and preferences.

This exceptional level of technical and fundamental analysis makes Benzinga Pro one of the most robust trading tools available online.

What Are the Features Included in a Benzinga Pro Membership?

There are two main Benzinga Pro subscription options – Basic and Essential.

Basic offers newsfeeds, movers, details, calendars, and alerts. Essential offers everything included with Basic plus sentiment indicators, signals, audio squawk, and news desk. Despite the higher cost, Essential is the most popular plan amongst Benzinga Pro members.


Since Benzinga is a leading financial news source, the newsfeed is typically the main draw of the Benzinga Pro platform. There are plenty of other platforms that offer stock details (Yahoo Finance, for example) and screeners (Finviz, for example), but not in addition to a fast and reliable newsfeed. Receiving breaking news before the masses can make a major difference on your bottom line.

What is a Stock Newsfeed - What is a Stock Newswire


The movers scanner allows you to pinpoint the biggest market gainers and losers by session, period, sector, market cap, and price. This is one of the most common scans that traders run on a daily basis in order to see what’s moving, and Benzinga has made it incredibly simple to run. A full-on scanner tool is also available for running even more scans based on various technical and fundamental data.


The details tab is one of the most underrated aspects of the Benzinga Pro platform for performing in-depth technical and fundamental research on potential stock trades. Not only does it provide embedded charts from TradingView, but it also shares key performance data, financial ratios, industry metrics, and more. You can even dig deeply into balance sheets, income statements, and SEC filings.


As you probably already know, active traders have a lot to monitor throughout the trading session. Day traders especially tend to have multiple monitors and limited screen real estate. This is where a feature like audio squawk can be a game-changer by providing all of the most critical live market news (breaking news, economic data, market rumors, etc.) in audio format instead of text.

What is Benzinga Pro Squawk - What is the Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk Feature


Calendars are another great tool to track earnings announcements, analyst upgrades and downgrades, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, secondary offerings, stock splits, SEC filings and more. But the best part, in my opinion, is the ability to link your personalized watch lists to your calendars so that the information you receive is customized to your preferences.


Behind the newsfeed itself, signals are probably the best feature offered within the Benzinga Pro platform. This includes critical market-driving information like unusual options activity and block trades. We can talk all day about factors that impact the market, but the big players (large banks, hedge funds, and institutional traders) are the ones in the driver’s seat.


The Benzinga Pro platform allows you to set up email, desktop, or audio alerts for various events, such as specific stock news and price changes. You can even further customize alerts by sound. For example, a news alert for one watch list can have a sound that is completely different from a news alert from another one of your watch lists, so you can easily distinguish what the alert is for.

Benzinga Pro Newsfeed, Details, and Alerts


Sentiment indicators are a unique feature offered within the Benzinga Pro platform that provide guidance on how likely a stock is to move and in which direction based on a particular piece of news. So when you receive breaking stock news, and also have the probability of that news moving the stock and in which direction, you can better position yourself for outsized profits.


The news desk is essentially a team of Benzinga Pro news correspondents who are at your service ready to field and answer any of your questions related to stock, sector, or market news. If you notice that a stock is moving and you don’t quite understand why, you can reach out to the news desk to see if there’s some sort of news catalyst behind the move. They’re available to support you.

Final Verdict – Is Benzinga Pro Worth the Cost or is it a Total Waste of Money? 

If you’re completely new to trading and have absolutely no conceptual or practical foundation, then a platform like Benzinga Pro is not right for you. I would recommend a learning program first, like Thomas Kralow, before considering a Benzinga Pro subscription.

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What is Benzinga Pro - Top Rated Stock Market Newsfeed

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But once you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to trade properly, Benzinga Pro is a tool that can supercharge your results. Of course the level of value you can get out of it will vary from person-to-person depending on individual trading styles and preferences, but I would have a hard time believing that any single trader couldn’t find value in a robust platform like this.

The most popular subscription plan, Essential, currently costs $177 per month or $1,404 per year (which breaks down to $117 per month). If we assume that there are about 20 trading days each month, then the cost is less than $9 per trading day ($177/20=$8.75). So if Benzinga Pro helps you make at least $10 more on your trades each day, on average, then it’s worth it.

In many cases, traders make much more than an additional $10 per day with the features provided from Benzinga Pro. But the good news is that you can test it out with a free 2-week trial. Instead of listening to me or anybody else, you can try it for yourself.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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  • Aubin Tshiyole says:

    This seems like a very useful tool to have, especially if you are really serious about stock trading. I have a friend who is a trader. In fact, he actually started his own trading busieness so I will be sure to share this article with him. I am sure that he will appreciate it as it will better his business .

  • Chad says:

    Hello Matt, 

    I want to thank you for sharing this information. I am hoping to learn more about trading and came across this. I also have to say I appreciate you being upfront and honest about this not being for someone without any trading background. I will be trying to get up to speed by looking at what Thomas Kralow has to offer and then I will come back to check out Benzinga Pro has to offer for me. 

    Thanks again!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      No problem, Chad. Benzinga Pro is a trading tool best leveraged after having already acquired the core skills for success. Thomas Kralow’s trading program is definitely the best place I’ve found for beginners to build such skills. Trading brokers, platforms, and tools certainly matter, but they won’t make much of a difference without acquiring the necessary skills first. Take care!

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