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Broker Integration Now Available Within StocksToTrade

By October 18, 20183 Comments

StocksToTrade Real-Time Platform For Active Traders Introduces Broker Integration:

StocksToTrade Broker IntegrationThe much-anticipated feature within StocksToTrade is finally here – Broker Integration.

The STT platform launched about two years ago now featuring all kinds of tools for active traders under one roof. These tools include strategy scanners, dynamic charts, price alerts, news streamers, SEC filings, watch lists, filterable Twitter feed, real-time paper trading, and more. The only thing missing was actually being able to trade real money within the platform.

But now, broker integration is finally here, and trading has never been more efficient. With this incredible addition, it’s hard to argue against StocksToTrade as being the most comprehensive platform available for short-term traders.

Supported Brokers at This Time → Ally Invest, Etrade, Tradier & Interactive Brokers

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  • f1shbiscuits says:

    My understanding of the stock market is limited. I know that doing this kind of work requires good decision making and intuition about the market. I personally don’t update myself on global issues/company agenda/news. I think this information is very helpful in assessing things. I like that the platform offers news sources, among other things like broker integration.

  • Julia Kossowska says:

    Hi. It is fascinating to see how many amazing tools there are available to traders and they seem to be getting more and more sophisticated. This seems to allow a tremendous amount of analysis and actual trading features.  Am I understanding it correctly? Would a novice trader be ready to use StocksToTrade Broker Integration?


    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Julia – the StocksToTrade platform offers all kinds of analytics tools for traders, and on top of that, just recently launched Broker Integration. What this means is that users can now integrate their brokerage platform with StocksToTrade, which allows them to execute stock trades directly within the StocksToTrade platform. STT is now truly a one-stop-shop for traders – charts, screeners, news, alerts, and much more all under one roof. No need to hop from tab-to-tab, platform-to-platform, or have to pay multiple subscription fees to various trading services. StocksToTrade pretty much covers all of the bases for active traders.

      The action of actually integrating a broker within the platform can probably be done be anybody. All it takes is a few button presses and mouse clicks – it’s a fairly simple process assuming you have both a StocksToTrade subscription and a brokerage account. But it would be up to the individual trader whether or not they are ready to trade with real money. STT also offers a real-time paper trading platform for those just starting out or even veterans practicing new strategies. It’s a completely risk-free approach for practicing and gaining experience with a demo account.

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