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Best Day Trading Mentorship – What is a Day Trading Mentor?

The best day trading mentors are actually quite difficult to find. This is because they tend to get drowned out by an abundance of loud fake gurus promoting “lifestyle”. I’m sure you’ve seen them on social media with their Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, etc.

People are attracted to this sort of thing, so I understand why those selling trading courses and services do it – and to some degree it can even be inspiring/motivating – but in most cases these so-called gurus are just preying on your psychological deficiencies.

Best Day Trading Mentorship - Top 2 Day Trading Mentors

Real trading teachers, educators, and mentors, on the other hand, don’t really spend much time trying to sell you on a luxurious lifestyle. Instead, they focus on substance – teaching critical trading concepts and helping students develop core skills.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the “fun” and “exciting” path most people want, which explains why they typically funnel into chat rooms, newsletters, and alert/signal services hoping to be spoon-fed winning trades from others. But this route just isn’t effective.

In my experience, durable trading success can only be achieved through hard work, training, and the development of skills. Having to rely on a mentor for alerts or hot picks means you have a bad mentor. Alternatively, a good mentor teaches self-sufficiency.

Top 2 Day Trading Mentors and Their Trading Education Programs:


Trade With Profile calls itself a skill development firm for active traders – which makes it clear exactly what Josh Schuler is all about as a trading mentor. This isn’t some lousy trade alert/signal/call service where subscribers pile into a chat room and attempt to blindly copy the leader. Instead, this program is all about legitimate training.

I’ve been through dozens of trading courses over the years – and in doing so – I’ve seen much of the same basic information regurgitated over-and-over again (what a candlestick is, what a trend is, what a bid/ask is, etc.). These basic building blocks are important, sure, but they’re nothing more than surface-level information. So if you’ve been through various courses and still feel confused by market behavior and price movement, then I highly suggest the Profile Trading Development Pathway.


2ndSkies Trading With Chris Capre2ndSkies Trading is actually one of the first services that I actually heard mention the term “training” in relation to trading, which is honestly shocking when you think about it. There are so many trading gurus and services out there that claim to be about education, but they really don’t offer much in regard to skill-building. What good is education if it’s not used as the foundation for developing functional skills?

2ndSkies offers about 5 different courses, but there are 2 specific ones that I think are the best: The Trading Masterclass and The Advanced Traders Mindset Course. The masterclass is the most popular course and definitely has some trading psychology components to it, but the mindset course should be a prerequisite for every single new trader.

What Makes Josh Schuler and Chris Capre the Best Day Trading Mentors Online?


There are numerous self-proclaimed trading gurus that you could argue are great mentors, but in my mind Josh Schuler and Chris Capre are two of the best because they focus on legitimate training (aka the actual process required to become a good trader).

They’re not fooling you with ridiculous claims and false promises just so you purchase their course or program. They set proper expectations and put a strong emphasis on trading mindset/psychology. The realities of trading are shared openly and honestly.

What is Training For Trading - Best Day Trader Training

I give these legitimate trading mentors a lot of credit because it’s incredibly hard to compete with how the fake gurus advertise and operate. You would think most people would gravitate toward legitimate training, but they actually gravitate toward false promises.

The reason that stock chat rooms, newsletters, and alert services are so popular is because most subscribers are looking for a shortcut. They don’t want the hard way (training). They want the easy way (being spoon-fed hot picks and alerts).

But the truth is that merely subscribing to some service and trying to mirror some guru’s alerts – without any legitimate trading skills – is a recipe for disaster. These subscribers, however, don’t care until a situation pops up to teach them a painful lesson.

Overall, bad mentors teach reliance on specific trade alerts to blindly copy, but good mentors teach skills for self-sufficiency.

Day Trading Mentorship Isn’t About Explosive Alerts, Magical Indicators, or Foolproof Systems:

There’s no doubt that most people have the wrong idea about what it takes to be a good trader – and the fake gurus posting and promoting their lousy courses on social media certainly don’t help. They’re selling dreams – not reality.

For new traders, it’s extremely hard to find the truth. When I first started out on my own trading journey, I experienced the same things and ended up subscribing to various penny stock chat rooms, newsletters, and alert services as well.

What is a Trading Guru - What is a Trading Teacher - What is a Trading Mentor

But what I came to realize is that no chat room, newsletter, or alert by itself can make you a great trader. Blind copying isn’t a durable strategy. You have to build technical, analytical, and mental skills in order to consistently make good decisions and protect yourself. As much as you might want to believe in magical indicators and foolproof systems, the market provides no certainties.

The main point I’m trying to make is that trading is a skill-based, peak-performance endeavor. Since there are elements of randomness, risk, and uncertainty, most people think it’s just luck or gambling. But it’s not if approached the right way.

In the end, there’s a difference between conceptual understanding and functional skill. Individuals who stop at conceptual understanding will never achieve long-term trading success. But those who develop functional skills have the tools for durable success.

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Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Page says:

    I found this article extremely valuable and taught me a lot of things I didn’t know. Ill be honest I never realized the importance of finding a day trading mentor as I got caught up with all the “make money fast” online schemes that never turned out to be how they said and only left me with considerably less amount of money. Now after reading this and learning the legitimate path to trading success and all the benefits day trading mentorship has to offer I am excited to look more into it. So many possibilities!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Page – thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad you learned something from it!

      The sad reality about most people who decide to start trading the financial markets is that there’s usually a gigantic gap between what they think will bring them success and what will actually bring them success.

      Typically, what they think will bring them success in trading is subscribing to some chat room, newsletter, or alert service where they can just copy the actions of some guru. But this route is almost entirely ineffective – especially over the long term. What will actually bring them success is proper education and training in the areas of trading psychology, technical analysis, key market levels, indicators, risk & money management, and more.

      But in the beginning, this path of legitimate training seems harder, longer, and more expensive. It’s certainly not a fast process. It can take a handful of months of education, demo trading, and refining your approach until you might be ready for real money trading. But ironically – as much as people tend to prefer the “shortcuts” offered by chat rooms and alert services – they’re not actually shortcuts at all. All they do is distract from the proper path – which makes your journey longer and doesn’t really prepare you for the realities of trading – which ends up being far more expensive in terms of trading losses.

      Not only is this representative of the path for most new traders, but I’m speaking from personal experience as well. I started out on my trading journey searching for alert services. In theory, alert services seem great – you find a guru with an incredible track record and just copy the exact trades they make – how hard can it be? But in practice, these services don’t work like most newbies expect them to. At the time, I simply didn’t understand the dynamics of alert services. I didn’t know any better. But over time I realized that these types of services promote their own completely distorted profits and hurt far more subscribers than they help.

      Taking this ineffective path cost me over $20,000 in subscription fees and unnecessary trading losses. So when people complain about a high-quality trading program focused on proper education and training that costs a few thousand dollars – my personal take is that it’s well worth it. The alternative (which so many people choose to take – sadly) is far more expensive. I wasted years of time and thousands of dollars on such services when I could’ve just focused on building the proper trading skills for self-sufficiency for a mere fraction of the cost.

      Overall, a great trading mentor focuses on training so that you can build self-sufficiency; not reliance on them for hot picks or alerts.

  • Muslimah says:

    I’m not always keen on trading education programs because it’s challenging to identify the legit ones. I heard about Thomas Kralow but not in-depth information like what you offer here. 

    I’m fascinated by this program because it has over 150 training videos; that’s great. Moreover, I like interactive homework and tasks and will pick a course with that over most other options. I’m glad to stumble upon your review and will definitely be checking out this program. Thank you.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I understand completely – it’s definitely hard to find the legitimately good trading programs amongst so many lousy and ineffective ones. Before I came across Thomas Kralow, I honestly thought he would be a typical fake guru, but his program took me by surprise because of how authentic it was. It’s not just about some magical indicator or something like that – which other gurus in the industry are nonstop trying to sell. It’s simply the real approach to his own trading success that he’s willing to share with students who are committed to the learning process.

      The structure of the course is also great – and I’m surprised that other trading courses, programs, and services don’t do this as well. But not only are there 150+ video lessons (there are actually 200+ now within the Complete Program), but there are tests and homework assignments for deeper learning and skill-building. This is a highly underestimated component of trading success. Most people think they can just watch a few YouTube videos and easily start making money in the markets, but that’s just not how it works. You have to jump into the charts, demo trade, internalize concepts, and build actual skills over time. Consuming information in the form of video lessons will only take you so far – you have to go that extra step further when it comes to skill-building. Overall, I think Thomas Kralow’s program does an outstanding job of doing that.

      I look forward to hearing back from you in the future – keep me posted on your trading journey!

  • Kokontala says:

    I’m very happy to have read about the best day trading mentorships and that Thomas Kralow is included. I have heard of and tried some trading mentorships before, but I did not know about Chris Capre. I have noted that the main point you clarified is that trading is a skill-based, peak-performance endeavor. It’s great to know about some aspects that make good trading guru, master, expert, teacher, etc. This is helpful

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