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Benzinga Pro User Reviews and Testimonials – Is Benzinga Pro Worth the Cost?

The question of whether or not Benzinga Pro is “worth it” is a popular one. But the answer isn’t a simple black-and-white yes or no like most people want to hear. The truth is that “it depends” on a number of factors that don’t often get mentioned in online reviews.

Benzinga Pro User Reviews - Is Benzinga Pro Worth it

Oftentimes, the individuals leaving reviews or testimonials (not just for Benzinga Pro, but all products and services) make blanket statements about how well things “work” for them or what a product might be “worth” without regard for your individual situation.

But your unique circumstances will play a large role in whether or not Benzinga Pro is worth it for you. For example, if news doesn’t play a role in your personal trading strategy, then Benzinga Pro probably won’t be as valuable to you as it is for others.

Of course there are other features of Benzinga Pro that are helpful,  like calendars, signals, chat rooms, and more – so news isn’t the only way that Benzinga Pro provides value. But offering a fast and reliable stock newsfeed is where the platform truly shines.

This is why I appreciate the fact that Benzinga Pro offers a free 2-week trial. You don’t have to trust what other people  have to say in their own biased reviews. Instead, you can easily test out the platform yourself and generate your own opinions – 100% free.

2 Critical Factors That Can Determine Whether or Not Benzinga Pro is Worth it For You:

To understand what I mean by having to take into account your own individual circumstances in order to understand if Benzinga Pro is worth the cost – here are 2 critical factors to consider before paying for a premium Benzinga Pro subscription:

1. Your Skill and Experience Levels

A lot of people purchase Benzinga Pro subscriptions under the assumption that it will automatically produce massive profits for them – regardless of their own skill or experience levels. But Benzinga Pro is only a tool – it doesn’t replace skills and experience.

Relying on Benzinga Pro to make you a consistently profitable trader, without any skills or experience, would be like purchasing an airplane and expecting it to magically fly you wherever you want to go. But without the skills to fly the plane, the plane is useless.

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The point I’m trying to make is that a powerful tool – like a plane – isn’t going to help you much unless you have the requisite skills and experience to fly it. In other words, the plane is a lot more valuable to a trained pilot who knows how to properly use it.

This same concept applies to Benzinga Pro. If you have limited to no trading experience, it’s not some magical tool that will make you a great trader. It’s most valuable and effective when utilized by traders with strong foundations of skills and experience.

2. Your Specific Strategies/Systems

Another factor to consider is if your specific strategies align with what Benzinga Pro has to offer. If you’re trading forex, for example, Benzinga Pro isn’t going to be very helpful in regard to your trading operations since the focus is on US stocks.

You have to make sure that the tools you choose to use actually fit the job (aka your trading/investing style). Short-term day traders and long-term investors have drastically different needs. But there’s also no stopping people from doing both.

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I, for example, day trade, swing trade, and long-term invest. For day trading, the Benzinga Pro Newsfeed and Audio Squawk features are most important to me. But as my time horizon increases, the Details feature is far more valuable for deeper research.

The biggest takeaway from all of this is that every individual trader has their own unique needs and preferences. So you need to decide if Benzinga Pro is a good match for your overall approach. For some people it’s a much better match than others.

Unbiased Benzinga Pro Reviews From Individuals With Your Best Interest in Mind:

If you search for “Benzinga Pro Reviews” on Google or YouTube, you’ll find tons of reviews from various sources. But most will just highlight the positive features and try extremely hard to sell you a premium subscription – even if it’s a terrible fit for you.

And there’s a reason for this – most reviewers are being compensated for the number of signups they produce. So there’s an incentive for them to get as many people to sign up for paid subscriptions as possible. Many times, this results in biased reviews.

Benzinga Pro Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t get me wrong – I’m an affiliate for a handful of trading products and services, including Benzinga Pro. But the list of products and services I highly recommend is extremely small – and also based on extensive personal use (at least 3-6 months).

I also make it a point to “qualify” people as much as possible for these products and services I recommend to make sure every person that signs up is doing so with proper expectations. If it’s going to require tons of hard work and dedication, I’m going to say it.

Many reviewers in the trading/investing space, however, make products and services seem like they can easily help you get-rich-quick. But this is nonsense. They’re just trying to sell the dream instead of the actual process required to become a great trader.

The Best Method of Figuring Out if Benzinga Pro is Worth it is to Test it Out Yourself:

It’s completely fine to read other people’s Benzinga Pro reviews for initial research – at least to understand some of the pros and cons. But at the end of the day, your own trading style, preferences, opinions, and experiences are what matter the most.

This is why everyone interested in Benzinga Pro should simply start with the free 2-week trial. You don’t have to worry about what other people say when you can just test it out yourself. It’s the safest, most genuine path to understanding if it fits your needs.

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If you go through the free trial and realize that it doesn’t “work” as you hoped, there’s no subscription fees lost – you just move on to the next tool you think might help. And if it does “work”, you’ll be able to decide for yourself exactly how much it’s worth to you.

Many trading platforms and services don’t even offer free trials, which makes prospective subscribers much more reliant on user reviews. Luckily with Benzinga Pro, you have the opportunity to test it out firsthand for 2 whole weeks at no cost.

In the end, you can read all the reviews and testimonials you want from other people (that may or may not be biased). But you’re a trader with a unique approach and personal characteristics – so ultimately, only you can decide if Benzinga Pro is worth it.

Please share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with Benzinga Pro in the comments section below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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