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What is the Cost of Benzinga Pro – Is the Platform Free?

A Benzinga Pro monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription is not free, but there is a free 2-week trial available for all new users.

So if you’re interested in potentially subscribing, there’s no better opportunity to get an inside look at the platform than with the free trial. Unlike many other free trials, Benzinga Pro doesn’t require your credit card information – just name and email address.

How Does Benzinga Pro Work - Is Benzinga Pro Worth it

When it comes to trading courses, programs, platforms, and services in general, there’s rarely any free trials offered, so this is definitely something that people should be taking advantage of. The worst case scenario is you decide that it’s not right for you – and lose $0.

The best case scenario, on the other hand, is you realize that Benzinga Pro can help you gain an edge in the market – with potential profits that can easily cover the subscription cost. But without trying it for yourself, you’ll never know firsthand what it’s capable of.

Is Benzinga Pro Worth it? Test it Out For Yourself With a Free 2-Week Trial:

You can search around the internet for as many Benzinga Pro reviews as you want. But a better way to spend your time would be to simply test the platform out for yourself. It’s free for two weeks, so you have absolutely nothing to lose – and potentially a lot to gain.

The thing about trading platforms (and really every product or service for that matter) is that users are going to have varying viewpoints on them. For one person, Benzinga Pro might not be all that helpful. But for another, it could be their go-to trading tool.

What is Benzinga Pro - Free 2 Week Trial

This is because every trader and investor’s approach is different. For example, someone who mainly trades based on news and fundamentals might love Benzinga Pro. But if someone only cares about technical analysis, the platform might not be all that appealing.

Whatever the case may be for your own personal trading approach, Benzinga Pro offers so many great features that it would be hard to imagine someone not finding at least one of them useful. But again, the only true test is checking out the platform for yourself.

When it comes down to it, the best way to figure out if Benzinga Pro is worth it is to try it out for free. See if any or all of the features are helpful to you – and try to quantify the results. Only then can you decide if the potential reward is worth the subscription cost.

Top Benzinga Pro Features – Scanners, Newsfeeds, Audio Squawk, and More:

If you’re wondering what’s included within a Benzinga Pro subscription, the platform offers a handful of great features. My personal favorites are the customizable newsfeeds and scanners, audio squawk, and the ability to track unusual options activity.

There are also various calendars (for company earnings announcements and economic events, for example) and chat rooms available where you and other Benzinga Pro users can ask questions, share trade ideas, and leverage the support of the community.

What is Benzinga Pro Squawk - What is the Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk Feature

There are two main Benzinga Pro subscription options – Basic and Essential. The main difference is that Essential provides real-time data, audio squawk, news desk chat, signals, and sentiment indicators. Basic costs $324 per year and Essential costs $1,404 per year.

There was also a mentorship program launched recently that offers the full benefits of an Essential plan in addition to trading education, specific strategies, trade ideas, and support from Nic Chahine. This particular program costs $3,372 per year.

The Overall Best Way to Gain Access to Benzinga Pro For the Lowest Price Possible:

The best way to gain full access to Benzinga Pro is with a free 2-week trial – that’s the ideal starting point.

From there, you can test out the features and decide if the platform is worth it for your particular trading or investing style. If you decide it’s not worth it, you simply stop using it. But if you decide it is worth it, then you have to choose a subscription plan.

|Get the Best Possible Discount on Any Benzinga Pro Plan – Basic, Essential, Mentorship, etc.|

Benzinga Pro Review - What is Benzinga Pro - is it the Best Live Stock Market Newsfeed

|To Learn More About the Benzinga Pro Platform – Check Out the Most Frequently Asked Questions|

In order for Benzinga Pro users to save the most money possible on their subscriptions, I’ve set up this pricing post with the best current discounts available on all subscription options. The links within the post are updated on a monthly basis (roughly).

By taking this approach, you can save anywhere from 20-50% on your Benzinga Pro subscription. With a 50% discount for example, you can save $1,500+ on the Options Mentorship program – which is just about the same price as a non-discounted Essential plan.

Overall, I hope this helps you decide if Benzinga Pro is right for you. And if it is, I hope the discount codes help you save some money.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

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  • Levered Income says:

    Hi Matt –
    I primarily use Think or Swim, but this looks like a great resource. WAY cheaper than the Bloomberg Terminal I had on my desk years ago and quite a few similar data points. I would say that you need real-time data to be a trader so that would be the Essential plan at a minimum.

    If interested in trading options, the options mentorship looks like a great route to leverage the experience of Nick Chahine (I always like to follow people that come from analytical/ engineering backgrounds that end up in finance – they have a “real world” practical view).

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Bloomberg is the industry leader when it comes to financial newsfeeds, but it’s cost-prohibitive for the average retail trader. Benzinga Pro offers many of the benefits at a small fraction of the price of Bloomberg Terminal.

      I don’t have any personal experience with the Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship With Nic Chahine (at least not at this moment in time), but I’ve heard that it’s helpful for regular stock traders as well. The name of the program kind of makes it seem like it’s all about options, and Nic himself almost exclusively trades options, but the analysis and mentorship he provides can apply to standard stock trading as well. Again, I don’t have any firsthand experience with the program, but this is just what I’ve heard from other members. I have tuned into a couple of his webinars though and it seems like he knows what he’s talking about.

  • Daniel Tshiyole says:

    This is the first time I hear of this. Do you own this trading program? I have a few friends who are into trading so I am sure they would appreciate this. I am not much of a trader myself, simply because I hate losing money haha. But this seems pretty legit. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Daniel – I don’t own the Benzinga Pro platform. It’s just my top recommendation for a stock market newsfeed. But I don’t necessarily suggest paying for it without proper education and training first. This is more of a tool to help boost your edge after training to become a consistently profitable trader – it doesn’t replace legitimate trading skills. Failure to train is the reason why so many traders lose money and ultimately fail, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The small percentage of traders who succeed long term have developed specific skills that prepare them for effectively operating within the market environment.

  • Raja says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn about and invest in the stock market, and this Benzinga Pro platform is a fairly new one for me. I learned about more features of Benzinga Pro than I thought were available. There are many advantages to them and I hope I can use them productively, and I look forward to test it out. Thank you very much for providing this fantastic feed.

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