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What is and Benzinga Pro? How Does Benzinga Pro Work? is a financial news site much like CNBC, MarketWatch, and the Wall Street Journal. The site was founded in 2010 by Jason Raznick and has since evolved into a leading financial news source. Benzinga currently attracts over 25 million readers per month.

Benzinga Pro Review - What is Benzinga Pro - is it the Best Live Stock Market Newsfeed

Benzinga Pro is a premium service tailored to the needs of active traders and investors. It offers a browser-based suite of exclusive content and robust trading tools, including customizable newsfeeds, watch lists, scanners, calendars, alerts, and more. Thanks to their high-speed, actionable newswire, coupled with a strong collection of tools for in-depth technical and fundamental analysis, Benzinga Pro empowers individual traders and investors through the availability of supreme information, news, and data.

The primary goal of the Benzinga Pro platform is not to share specific investment advice, but rather provide the fastest and highest-quality information so that you can make the most informed and timely decisions as possible. Overall, Benzinga Pro offers a ton of market-driving news and helpful tools, so those who use the platform effectively are able to capture outsized profits. The best part of all is that your BP workspace can be built, filtered, and customized to fit your own unique preferences and overall trading style.

What is a Stock Newsfeed or Newswire For Beginners?

For those just getting started in the stock market, it’s critical to understand the importance of market-moving news.

There’s no doubt that certain events, data releases, and other news items can drastically impact the price of a stock, sector, or possibly even the entire market. These days, even simple tweets by influencers, celebrities, or politicians about healthcare, cryptocurrencies, or other hot topics can potentially have immense impacts on the market. So if you can receive important information in a timely manner, then you can better position yourself ahead of significant stock, sector, or market movements.

Is Benzinga Pro Worth it - How Much Does it Cost

These types of events, like earnings reports, analyst upgrades/downgrades, FOMC data releases, initial public offerings, mergers/acquisitions, SEC filings, stock splits, and more, are known as catalysts. When paired with other forms of technical and fundamental analysis, these catalysts can help form strong trade and investment plans. On the whole, technical and fundamental analysis are certainly meaningful, but breaking news can supercharge short-term volatility, resulting in larger potential profits.

In my personal experience, one of the best traders I’ve ever seen had a strategy that involved locating strong catalysts within the biotechnology sector, along with bullish chart patterns and fundamentals, to turn a five-figure account into a seven-figure account within just a few years. This sort of thing is not typical, but possible with the right information, data, and tools.

How to Use Benzinga Pro – Top 8 Benzinga Pro Platform Features:

The Benzinga Pro platform offers a ton of great features to help traders and investors achieve market-beating returns. But this isn’t a platform that you can simply power up and be immediately ready for action. You have to customize and filter it to your individual preferences and trading style. Otherwise, the default settings on the newsfeed will overload you with far too much information.

What is a Stock Newsfeed or Newswire

You want the news you’re receiving to be timely and relevant to your trading style. Benzinga covers the timely part, but it’s on you to filter out the noise and distinguish what’s relevant. The good news is that there are numerous filters and customizations available. In fact, you can create multiple workspaces with differing newsfeeds, signals, calendars and watch lists for varying strategies.

|Check Out These Helpful Tutorial Videos Covering the Main Benzinga Pro Features|


The fast, reliable newsfeed is arguably the best feature of the platform. And the best part of all is your ability to customize what information gets delivered to you based on your individual needs. You can filter by source, category, sector, or even specific watch lists that you’ve created. The functionality is also available to color-code based on your preferences and search the entire newsfeed by specific keywords. If for some reason a stock is moving and you can’t figure out the exact news event driving it, you can even contact the News Desk to put a team of Benzinga analysts on the job – this is an incredible level of support for individual traders.




  • Benzinga Wire
  • Benzinga Signals
  • Jiji Press
  • Press Releases
  • Partner Links
  • SEC
  • And More
  • Analyst Ratings
  • ETFs
  • Federal Reserve
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Fintech
  • Government
  • And More
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Communication
  • Energy
  • Industrials
  • Technology
  • And More


There’s nothing particularly special about a platform offering the ability to create watch lists – almost every trading platform and brokerage offers this standard capability. But what sets Benzinga Pro apart is the ability to link personalized watch lists to customized newsfeeds, calendars, signals, and alerts. Instead of digging through tons of information and having to sort through the noise on your own, you can limit your news and data to information solely related to the stocks you’re interested in monitoring.


A commonly used tool is the movers scanner, which allows you to filter out the biggest market gainers and losers by session, period, sector, market cap, and stock price. Once you run the scan you can freeze it to avoid updates, otherwise it will automatically update every minute. In addition to the movers tool is a full-on screener, which can help you find stocks tailored to your personal trading style. The screener offers numerous technical and fundamental filters similar to the one available at Finviz.



  • Price
  • Market Cap
  • Average Volume
  • % Gap
  • Relative Strength Index
  • 52 Week High/Low
  • And More
  • Float
  • Institutional Ownership
  • Earnings Per Share
  • Gross Margin
  • Return on Assets
  • Price/Earnings Ratio
  • And More


The details tool allows you to perform due diligence on potential stock trades. It provides the name of the company, ticker, quote, market cap, float, financial ratios, key data, list of similar stocks, overview of what the company does, and even candlestick charts. If you dig deeper, you can view the company’s actual balance sheets, income statements, SEC filings, and press releases. Certain stocks will also have a “Why is it Moving?” section that quickly explains the reason behind a short-term price movement.


In order to keep track of critical events and position your portfolio accordingly, there are over ten calendar options to choose from. These bits of critical information allow you to pinpoint exact times and information related to guidance, earnings, analyst upgrades/downgrades, economic data, IPOs, dividends, mergers/acquisitions, SEC filings, stock splits, secondary offerings, and more. This can all be filtered down to show only the specific types of information you want to see for a chosen day or date range.

Benzinga Pro Calendars


Signals include unusual options activity, block trades, price spikes, halts, opening gaps, new highs/lows, and more. By tracking unusual options activity and block trades, for example, you can identify actions representative of large institutional investors. Because when the “smart money” makes “big bets” it’s usually worth paying attention to. In general, institutional investors have far more education, information, and resources than the average retail trader, so them placing a large, aggressive, or unusual trade is meaningful.


One of the most useful features on the platform for active day traders is the live audio squawk. Instead of having a text newsfeed taking up screen space and stealing your attention during market hours, you can turn on squawk for live market updates. This is extremely convenient for when you’re trying to concentrate on chart setups and monitor level 2. There’s only so much multi-tasking you can do without missing out on opportunities. This is where squawk shines – streaming only the most critical news in audio form.

Benzinga Charlie is the Voice of Squawk and Reports on:

  • Breaking News
  • Economic Data
  • Market Rumors
  • Earnings & Guidance
  • Press Conferences
  • And More


Another way to free up screen space or divert your attention to something else during market hours is to set up real-time alerts. There are 3 main types of alerts you can set up: email, desktop, or audio. The best part of all is that you can customize them based on the type of notification you’re receiving. For example, you can set up news alerts to be one specific sound, while unusual options activity alerts can be an entirely different sound. This can allow you to immediately distinguish the type of alert before even seeing it.

Pros and Cons of Benzinga Pro:

There are so many advantages to the Benzinga Pro platform that I could’ve easily filled the pros column below with double or triple the bullet points. But the most useful pro of all is the free 2-week trial that allows you to test the entire platform on your own. Don’t just take my word for it that Benzinga Pro offers the best stock market newsfeed – try it out for yourself.

  • Intuitive Interface That is Clean and Easy to Navigate
  • Various Filters and Customization Options For Every Tool
  • Embedded With TradingView Charts That You Can Annotate
  • Chat Room Channels Available For Every Level of Trader
  • Sentiment Indicators Show How Likely a Stock is to Move and in Which Direction Based on Specific News Items
  • Offers a Free 2-Week Trial For New Users
  • Newsfeed Provides Too Much Information Until You Filter it
  • Unusual Options Activity Data is an Add-On Fee ($28/month)
  • Not Possible to Trade Within the Platform Itself

Even though there are tons of pros, there are also a few cons worth mentioning. The most important one, which was mentioned earlier in the review, is that the newsfeed has to be filtered and customized to your specific needs. Without applying any filters based on your personal trading style, you’ll simply be overloaded with information. While timely and relevant information is great, too much information at once can be detrimental. So make sure you filter and customize your Benzinga Pro workspace effectively.

How Much Does Benzinga Pro Cost and is it Worth it?

There are two main subscription options – Basic and Essential.

Basic includes newsfeeds, watch lists, movers, details, calendars, alerts, and delayed quotes for $27 per month (which comes out to $324 per year). Essential includes additional features like sentiment indicators, signals, audio squawk, news desk, and real-time quotes.

Essential is the most popular offering for $177 per month or $1,404 per year (which breaks down to $117 per month – a 34% savings).

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Is Benzinga Pro Worth It

There’s also a subscription plan that includes education/training: Benzinga Options Mentorship. This includes everything within an Essential subscription plus access to the Options Inner Circle, exclusive webinars for ongoing education, and personal mentorship from Nic Chahine. The cost for this is $347 per month or $3,372 per year (which breaks down to $281 per month – a 17% savings).

Overall, I recommend starting with a free 2-week trial in order to get a feel for the platform before spending any money on it.

How Does Benzinga Pro Measure Up to the Competition?


When it comes to delivery of real-time news within the financial industry, Bloomberg Terminal is the gold standard. Since 1981, Bloomberg has been providing unparalleled coverage across all asset classes – equities, forex, commodities, derivatives, etc.

Bloomberg Terminal is a complete all-in-one software system that offers breaking news, powerful analytics, communication tools, and execution capabilities. This means that your research and even the execution of trades can all happen within the platform.

But the cost is a whopping $24,000 per year (which breaks down to $2,000 per month). At over ten times the cost of a Basic or Essential Benzinga Pro subscription, Bloomberg Terminal is far out of reach for the average retail trader.

The Bloomberg Terminal might be more robust, but the price simply can’t be justified unless you’re a large institutional trader or investor. So from the standpoint of value for price, I don’t know of a better option for retail traders than Benzinga Pro.

Other Benzinga Pro Reviews and Testimonials:

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If you’re interested in checking out other reviews and testimonials related to Benzinga Pro, you can read hundreds of them on TrustPilot. But as with any product or service, you’ll always find a mix of rankings from one to five stars. Many people will say the platform is “outstanding” and “fantastic”, while others will say that it’s “terrible” and “worthless”. So how do you know who to believe?

Benzinga Pro Reviews and Testimonials

The fact is that anybody else’s review or testimonial can only take you so far. Your personal experiences can end up being far different from others based on your individual trading style, the way you choose to use the tools, and a host of other factors. This is why I like when services offer a free or low cost trial period, which Benzinga Pro does. Try not to take any single review or opinion too seriously. If you think the tools and features might help your trading, go experience and test them for yourself 100% free.

I’ve been running this website far too long not to notice all of the bogus reviews out there for various trading programs, platforms, and services – both positive and negative. You simply can’t trust what everybody has to say online. It’s great to do some initial research to see what the overall sentiment looks like, but the most meaningful review you can do is the one you do yourself – based on your own unique circumstances, experiences, and preferences. Outcomes can vary drastically from one user to the next.

5 Recommendations For Beginners Considering the Benzinga Pro Platform:

So many times, I see new traders paying for subscriptions to newsletters, alert services, scanners, chat rooms, and many other programs with expectations of automatic success. But just because you pay for some amazing tool, it doesn’t guarantee positive results.

Frequently Asked Trading Questions

I use this analogy all the time, but subscribing to a top-rated trading service is much like paying for a top-level gym membership. The gym can offer all of the best trainers, fanciest equipment, and have a tremendous amount of success stories, but none of that matters without your own personal effort. Merely joining the gym produces no positive results – it’s just the start. It still requires hard work and dedication on your end in order to achieve your desired results and make the most of your experience.

The same exact concept applies with trading courses/programs/services. You have to work hard to build skill/competence/edge.

  1. Check Out the FAQs on This Site to Learn More About Day Trading, Swing Trading, Alert Services, etc.
  2. Take Advantage of the List of Free Resources That I’ve Put Together From Various Platforms Based on Personal Experience
  3. Go Through a Dedicated Traders Mindset Course in Order to Build the Proper Foundation For Long-Term Market Success
  4. Utilize the Benzinga Pro Free 2-Week Trial to Test the Platform Based on Your Own Personal Preferences and Style
  5. Combine the Benzinga Pro Free Trial With a Paper Trading Platform Like TradingSim For a 100% Risk-Free Experience

Another huge element of trading success is self-awareness and self-control. But this mental component routinely gets downplayed and ignored, even though it’s the foundation for durable trading success. Unfortunately, for most traders it takes many months if not years before they take the psychological component of trading seriously. And as a result, they put themselves through so much unnecessary emotional and financial pain. But it just doesn’t have to be that way if mindset is given the proper attention right from the start.

Conclusion – Does Benzinga Pro Offer the Best Real Time Stock Market Newsfeed?

Benzinga Pro offers powerful market insight. Having a platform that allows you to combine a fast newsfeed with strong technical and fundamental tools can be the difference between profits and losses. When you understand right at the beginning of a move why that stock is moving, you can better allocate your capital and position your portfolio for success. Earnings announcements, unemployment data, unusual options activity, and block trades are all forms of actionable data to increase your profit-potential.

|Get Started Using Benzinga Pro Right Now With a Free 2-Week Trial|

What is Benzinga Pro - Top Rated Stock Market Newsfeed

|Check For the Best Available Benzinga Pro Discount Codes (Up to 50% Off)|

It’s extremely hard to quantify if Benzinga Pro is the absolute fastest newsfeed in the game, but it’s certainly at the top of the list. Bloomberg Terminal might offer a slightly faster newsfeed and cover more asset classes, but the steep price makes it an unrealistic option for the vast majority of retail traders. For less than 10% of the cost, Benzinga Pro subscribers can receive exclusive information, data, and tools all under one roof. The valuable tools and reasonable price point make it the best newsfeed for retail traders.

The end result is that a platform like Benzinga Pro can make you a far more informed trader or investor. While trading and investing based solely on technical or fundamental analysis can work, there’s no doubt that breaking news can trump all of that other data in a matter of minutes. Overall, Benzinga Pro is solely focused on serving traders and investors with superior information and tools.

Please share your personal thoughts and experiences with Benzinga Pro or any other market newsfeed in the comments section below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Benzinga Pro From $27-$177 Per Month (For Basic & Essential Subscriptions)
  • Customization
  • Features Mix
  • Platform Speed
  • Support
  • Cost

Benzinga Pro Review

Based on both functionality and cost, Benzinga Pro is my #1 recommended stock market newsfeed for retail traders and investors. You might be able to find other stock market news platforms that are a bit faster and also offer news on a number of different markets (other than just US stocks), but it will probably be at least double the price. Bloomberg Terminal, for example, costs $20,000+ per year. This is the industry gold standard for institutional traders, but completely out of reach for the average retail trader. Benzinga Pro is an ideal balance of functionality and cost.

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  • Anusuya says:

    I am a regular trader having no formal training. I haven’t read any books, nor do I read much about news, or analysis of charts to take any kind of informed decision about trades I make. My knowledge which is limited has served me to make some good investments though. Reading this review, Benzinga Pro might help me better to invest wisely.

    I am really trying to learn day-trading. It can help me reasonably well to make a daily income. Sure enough, there is much knowledge you can extract and use from this review you really have tried it out to check for yourself. 2 weeks free trial is awesome to know them inside of this program. I am curious if the program has a virtual trading option without using real money to check your knowledge. 

    Thank you very much for all aspects of this review. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Anusuya – I appreciate your comment.

      Just out of curiosity (in reference to the first few sentences of your comment), how exactly are you going about investing having not read any books, followed any news, analyzed charts, etc.? I’m not saying that performing these actions magically makes for good investments, but without any of this – and your own acknowledgement of having limited knowledge – it seems like the results you’ve been getting up to this point might be largely due to luck/chance. So I’m just wondering what your process for making decisions in regard to investments actually includes?

      In regard to active trading (like day trading and swing trading), please understand that reliance on luck isn’t going to work out very well. Day trading is a skill-based, peak performance activity – similar to that of a professional athlete. To really excel requires education, training, and the development of new habits/skills. I highly recommend checking out my free Trading Success Framework course in order to understand what being a trader truly entails. It’s helped quite a few people flip their perspective on what it means to be a successful trader.

      And to answer your question about a virtual option being available within Benzinga Pro – I’m assuming you’re talking about some sort of demo/simulated account. Please understand that Benzinga Pro is not a brokerage platform, so you can’t make any trades/investments directly within the platform itself. It’s merely a tool for research, setting your own alerts, interacting with other traders within the community, etc. – that’s what the newsfeeds, calendars, chat rooms, scanners/screeners, audio squawk, and other features are for. Maybe one day they’ll offer brokerage integration so that users can trade directly within the BP platform (I’ve seen this with other platforms like Trade Ideas, for example), but I’m not sure if the Benzinga Pro team has any plans of doing so.

      Hope this helps and take care!

  • Siobhan41 says:

    Very detailed review of Benzinga Pro. I have considered getting started in trading, but would have no idea where to start. I also can’t believe the cost of the Bloomberg platform! Would I need to know a little about the stock market before trying something like this out? From the pictures it kind of looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to navigate. Would you recommend it to someone just starting out?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Thanks for the comments and questions!

      For an absolute beginner, I wouldn’t particularly recommend a tool like Benzinga Pro – and this goes for any trading tool (not just Benzinga Pro). Tools like this can certainly help with building watch lists, running scans, following news, and much more, but they don’t replace trading skills. Without at least a foundational level of education and training, a tool like Benzinga Pro won’t add much value. There’s nothing wrong with testing out the 2-week free trial just to see what the platform is all about firsthand, but I certainly don’t recommend placing any real money trades with it as a complete beginner.

      Since you’re just starting out, I recommend checking out these free resources and trading FAQs – just to get an idea of what active trading is all about and if you’re interested in seriously pursuing it. The next step from there would be to go through a high-quality training program, like Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education. Not only does this program provide critical information on trading psychology, risk and money management, key market levels, indicators, and much more, but it also provides interactive tasks, homework assignments, tests, and personal support for deeper learning and skill-building. This is the type of environment necessary to become a successful trader over the long term.

      Tools like Benzinga Pro are best utilized after going through legitimate training – so that you have the knowledge and skills required to properly use them.

      If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Hope this helps – take care!

  • Bernard Breytenbach says:

    I am interested to start trading real money, but hardly understand how everything works. I have heard of Bloomberg, but Benzinga Pro is a first. Like how you detailed Benzinga Pro. Very well detailed. Would this platform help for a beginner trader like me? If not, do you know where beginners can best start off with trading? 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Bernard – great questions.

      I wouldn’t say that Benzinga Pro is bad for beginners, but it’s simply a trading tool – and trading tools can’t replace your own trading skills (for example: proper trading psychology, risk and money management, technical analysis, etc.). For this reason, I highly recommend a legitimate training program for absolute beginners – like Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education. Once a strong foundation is built from months of education, interactive assignments, and demo trading – only then should a beginner consider additional tools and real money trading. Overall, tools like Benzinga Pro can be great for efficiency and increased profits, but they’re meaningless without the proper foundation in place. Hope this helps – take care!

  • Raja says:

    I hadn’t heard of Benzinga Pro before this review but I’d been looking for a platform to provide me with breaking stock news. I learned a lot about stock newsfeeds, technical and fundamental research, and trading psychology from this – thanks for clarifying. Benzinga Pro provides great features for all traders and investors. Thanks again for sharing this.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      No problem, Raja. Happy to help and glad you found value in the Benzinga Pro platform. It’s an amazing tool for almost any trader and investor – especially if breaking news matters to them. Best of all, the free trial allows anybody to check it out at absolutely no cost.

  • Abel says:

    Thank you for outlining the main features Benzinga Pro has. I was not sure if this platform would work for me. But after the free trial, I have come to the conclusion that it’s definitely worth a shot for a few months (at least). The signals are a feature I greatly appreciate. Keeping an eye on large, aggressive, or unusual trades is always useful.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Abel – thanks for sharing your thoughts! I completely agree with you about the Signals feature – that’s one of my personal favorites besides the newsfeed itself to track the movements of large institutional traders and investors.

  • joseph says:

    I think some of your articles are kind of long, but overall great information. I’ve traded before and this review doesn’t tell you exactly how to use the chart like the candlesticks and what the candlesticks mean. It is true what they say about mindset but that goes with anything. You have to have the correct mindset in anything you do in order to be successful.

    There are some demo platforms out there that people can try. That’s how I got started with little to no money. TD Ameritrade is one of them. Is cheap to join short money when you’re on their platform there is plenty of help and guidance. But definitely look into it on YouTube. I checked out a few other articles and it seems like it kept repeating itself mindset mindset mindset.

    It does not tell me on which platform to pick play. I am looking for chart. Where are the charts so I can learn how to do this?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Joseph – I appreciate the feedback, although I’m a little confused regarding all of your questions about charts. If you have a moment to clarify, please do.

      Benzinga Pro is mainly a newsfeed – so it’s a platform that provides real-time news on various stocks in relation to earnings, analyst ratings, rumors, etc. These pieces of information/news can act as catalysts – in other words, they can potentially move the market drastically – so they can be money-making opportunities if acted upon properly and quickly enough. But in addition to that, Benzinga Pro also offers many other features, including the ability to create watch lists, run custom scans, check important calendar updates, look at specific stock details, and more. So there is definitely the ability view candlestick charts for various stocks/etfs (especially within the Details feature), but that’s not entirely what this particular review was about.

      I also think that it’s important to note that you can’t make trades directly through the Benzinga Pro platform – you still need a separate brokerage account for that. Benzinga Pro is an extra tool for receiving timely news and performing technical/fundamental research on existing or potential trades/investments. This is mainly for active traders, like day and swing traders, who want to stay on top of breaking news and position themselves accordingly. There are certainly many paper trading, simulation, and demo platforms available out there – no doubt about it – but not with the newsfeed capabilities of a platform like Benzinga Pro. BP offers a free 2-week trial, which I suggest those interested check out for a completely risk-free opportunity to test the platform features.

      One last thing I want to touch on is the mental component of trading. I see that you mentioned my obsession with acquiring the proper trading mindset – and that’s a completely true statement. I feel like I can’t say it enough. Far too many traders ignore trading psychology and act like trading success is all about specific setups, patterns, and indicators – but that’s all nonsense. The technical aspects of trading (like candlestick charts, for example), generally speaking, aren’t all that difficult to comprehend, yet over 90% of traders still fail. Why do you think that is?

      In my opinion, it comes down to mindset. There are plenty of traders who can learn basic trading concepts and even find/develop a statistical edge, but it’s in the execution of that statistical edge where most of the problems come in. The majority of individuals have a hard time behaving consistently when money is on the line. As a result, they let emotions like fear, greed, stress, and anxiety lead them into all kinds of bad habits: removing stops and adding to losing positions in fear of being wrong, revenge trading in an effort to recoup losses after a terrible trade, strategy-hopping in fear of missing out, and otherwise trading without rules, structure or discipline. The list of examples could go on forever.

      Mindset is the main reason most traders fail, even though the vast majority of people think consistent success is about finding some holy grail system or indicator. Even the best strategies/systems can be compromised by a faulty mindset – and the mindset required to operate successfully within the market environment is a unique one that nobody naturally has. Nobody is born with it – it has to be acquired.

      I hope that helped clarify some things. Take care!

  • Kokontala says:

    I’ve never heard of this platform before but I must say that it comes with many helpful features for traders and investors, and I think I like the fact that you explained that individually you have to customize it to your own preferences. So, is Benzinga Pro a platform for all types of trades/investments, that is small and big?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Benzinga Pro certainly offers some great features for traders and investors, but it has to be customized to fit your own individual style. There’s really no way around that. You have to set up workspaces and filters so that only the information relevant to your trading or investing style gets fed to you. Otherwise, you’ll just get inundated with information that may or may not matter to your approach.

      Benzinga Pro is an extremely robust information tool, but in order to effectively harness that power you have to create your own watch lists, customize alerts & signals, and filter your newsfeeds. The goal is to receive relevant information in a timely fashion and be able to act on that information before the masses. Overall, Benzinga Pro can be used as a research tool for trades and investments of all sizes – big or small.

  • Dave says:

    Let me start out by noting I am a very active stock options trader and would be interested to further explore Bezinga.  It is a very highly rated site that offers the stock trader significant functionality. Of course, to be worth this expense, you would need to have a fairly big-sized account. But for the well-capitalized investor wanting to get an edge, this platform is certainly worth the look. I agree that I would start small and see if Benzinga Pro fits my needs. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Dave – I recommend checking out the free 2-week trial in order to test out the functionality firsthand and see if it’s right for you. There’s absolutely no risk in doing so. That’s why I like services that offer free trials – because it provides you with the great opportunity to actually test the service before potentially buying it.

      The potential value a service like this can add to your operations depends on individual trading/investing style and preferences, so the best thing to do is just check it out for yourself. I don’t personally believe that a large account is required in order to use Benzinga Pro. The annual Essential plan breaks down to under $4 per day. People frivolously spend that amount (and sometimes much more) on things like coffee every single day. So if someone is serious about trading/investing and utilizing the proper tools for success, I don’t really see how the price tag would be much of an obstacle.

      But again, the best thing to do is try it out for 2 weeks absolutely free. Then you’ll be able to make a real decision on the potential value. In some instances, the trial period has helped traders achieve large enough profits to pay for at least a year’s worth of a premium subscription. It’s one of those things where the service might just end up paying for itself – depending on how much value it can add to your personal approach. But you never really know until you try.

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