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Review of Open and Closed Positions:

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Open Positions

CSCO (Cisco Systems, Inc.): I was close to selling out of my position today as it made a move above $34, but it didn’t sustain strength. My ideal exit is closer to $35. It dropped back toward the middle $33’s, and if it holds, I’ll stick with the position. If not, I won’t let this one go red on me and just take the small win in the $33’s.

CSCO Stock Chart

LQMT (Liquidmetal Technologies Inc.): Patiently holding at an average price of $.41 and I’ll consider adding more shares above $.34. As the release date for the iPhone X approaches in early November, I can see this one experiencing a catalyst run-up yet again. Hype will most likely start to swirl again regarding the use of liquid metal in the iPhone – Check Out This Article For More Information.

LQMT Stock Chart

FNMA (Federal National Mortgage Association): Patiently holding at an average cost of $2.96 and I’ll consider adding more shares above $2.70. Just as stated in Last Week’s Watch List, pending lawsuits can send this one soaring if Fannie Mae is removed from conservatorship. That type of ruling would provide instant value to shareholders.

FNMA Stock Chart

Closed Positions

ROX (Castle Brands, Inc.): Got some redemption on this one after Losing 15% Back in August. I closed out my position today for +10%. My average price was $1.33 and my selling price was $1.47. I still think this one has upside range to $2 and above, so I’ll be scouting for yet another entry in this one on dips. Still a pretty strong buyout candidate in the industry with solid fundamentals.

ROX Stock Chart

GEVO (GEVO, Inc.): Catalyst (commercialization agreement with Praj Industries) is still in play, but I had to respect my stop loss. I exited at $1.70 for a 4% loss. This still looks strong above the $.60 for now, but I’m not sure if I’ll revisit it or not.

GEVO Stock Chart

MARA (Marathon Patent Group, Inc.): This was a quick day trade I made on the $.50 breakout. It started to get a little bit frisky on above average volume, hitting a high of $.56, but closed at $.51. I captured 4% on a small move from $.51 to $.53. This could still potentially run toward $1, but wasn’t something I necessarily wanted to be in more than a day or so.

MARA Stock Chart


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