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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Mikael says:

    Is Jason Bonds Picks suitable for a beginner? Because you say it is not a service where you can just blindly follow along, so how much experience does it require? What does it cost to be a member? And are there any hidden fees that are not mentioned before signing up? Hope you can answer these questions.


    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Mikael – great questions. Jason Bond Picks is certainly a service suitable for beginners. He teaches much of the basics required for newbies entering the markets and the handful of setups he trades are rather simple. There’s nothing too complex that would overwhelm an individual just starting out. It provides a solid foundation in support/resistance, scanning/screening, watch list building, pattern recognition, stock research, etc. The price for that is about $300-400 per quarter He also offers a next-level mentorship service called Millionaire Roadmap for his most dedicated members that offers live trading and training from multiple millionaire traders (Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Nathan Bear, and more). The price for that is about $3,000-5,000 per year.

      I stand by the statement that this service isn’t something where you can blindly follow along. And that goes for any stock trading service out there, not just Jason Bond Picks. Everyone wants this magical system that feeds them “hot picks” that never lose and essentially make them rich overnight, but that’s simply not going to happen. It takes a lot of focus, research, and experience to become a consistently profitable trader. And one of the most important aspects of being a trader is understanding risk vs. reward, having trade plans in place, and being disciplined enough to take losses and move on to the next trade when things don’t pan out. It’s not as simple as ignorantly chasing someone’s email or text alert and hoping for big winners. Everyone has to figure out strategies that best suit their own individual preferences, schedules, risk tolerances, etc. Overall, self-sufficient, knowledgeable traders are the only ones who experience long-term trading success.

  • Tyler Redlev says:

    This was actually what I was looking for. I haven’t traded professionally but I’m coming up with a budget to spare to trading and I’m looking for a guidance which is trusted and verified by many others. Jason Bond Pcks can be what I was looking for. I will definitely check it out!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Tyler. Jason Bond Picks is definitely worth a look for guidance and mentorship, especially the Millionaire Roadmap program. A service like that is extremely hard to match. Not many in the industry can compare.

  • Chadimus says:

    Hi Matt! While I have invested in long term investments like 401k’s, I’ve never done or experienced swing trading. I’ve checked out your “Resources For Beginners” page and as a beginner, it all seems a bit overwhelming. What is your suggestion to how one could start swing trading in a more bite-sized way?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Chadimus – that’s a great question. I would recommend starting at – signing up for their free email list, reading articles, and trying to gain a comprehensive understanding of how active trading works. There are numerous mentors and programs housed under that platform, so finding 1 or 2 specifically that you relate to or align with can be a big help. I’m not necessarily pushing you into subscribing to one of the services being offered, but if you want structure, the best thing to do is actually subscribe to one of them (as opposed to searching around for pieces of free content here and there). Most of them offer blogs with video lessons and special reports hidden in them, but that takes extra research and time to find. My two favorite premium services are Jason Bond Picks & BioTech Breakouts.

  • Monica Bouteiller says:

    This is quite interesting! My sister and brother-in-law have doing stock trading for a few years now and they study the market a lot. They seem to do well. I know they work very hard on it. How long would it take for one to become efficiently knowledgeable? If I wanted to take the baby steps, what is the first thing I should do?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Monica – great question. The first thing I would do is start learning various trading/investing terms and concepts on a site like Investopedia, for example. There are a handful of options to start learning on this Free Resources page as well. One of the best things that I personally did when I started out was subscribe to free newsletter email lists at Jason Bond Picks, Top Stock Picks, and Penny Pro (just to name a few). From time-to-time, these services will provide video lessons, alerts, and more to aid in your educational journey.

      There’s really no exact timeframe you can put on becoming efficiently knowledgeable. And if you ask any successful trader or investor, they’ll all tell you the same thing – it’s a constant learning process. Everyone has different availability during market hours, portfolio values, and personalities – so it’s hard to say at what point someone becomes comfortable with a particular strategy. Personally, I’d say that once you’ve proven consistent profitability through paper trading, then it might be time to consider switching over to real money, but that choice is completely up to you. I think the key to success in the market was right in your comment referring to your sister and brother-in-law – “they work very hard at it”.

  • Anita says:

    I have read over the information a few times now and I am wondering if this program would work for beginners? The info references slow traders vs. fast paced traders but nothing about how a new trader would fare with the program. The day trading seems like the way I would like to go, but I need to know if I need to learn a bit more before diving in.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Anita – great question. Any service offering provided by Jason Bond should involve studying before diving into actual trading, and that’s an extremely important concept to understand. These aren’t programs that will allow you to “get-rich-quick” without any effort. It takes hard work and dedication to become a consistently profitable trader. Thanks to the focus on education for each Jason Bond Picks service (expert video lessons, interactive chat rooms, detailed watch lists, real-time trading sessions, and more), especially Millionaire Roadmap, they’re certainly conducive to beginners. Take care!

  • Derick says:

    I love the idea of small cap swing trades, considering how strong the market has been for small cap stocks. I’ve been involved with long term investing for quite sometime and have dabbled a bit in day trading. Heres to hoping the Millionaire oadmap can take me to the next level!

  • Kalie Downey says:

    Hi, Matt.

    Quick question for you. Do you think a beginner could excel at this program? Or do you recommend it for someone more advanced.

    It looks interesting but I don’t know anything about stock trading so I don’t know if I should sign up. Millionaire Road Map looks interesting though!


    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Kalie – I certainly think beginners can excel with Jason Bond Picks, especially if they have a good work ethic. The more preparation and study time you can put in before actually trading, the better. Educational materials like video lessons, DVD courses, mastermind webinars, live trading sessions, conferences, daily watch lists, real-time alerts, and much more are available to Millionaire Roadmap members. Overall, a lot of beginners join for the education, while experienced traders join for the convenience and community. If you have any more questions, certainly let me know. Take care!

  • rule2020 says:

    Very interesting. I have invested a huge part of my savings in the stock market and I just let the blue chips companies do their job. I am not really an active trader but sometimes I contemplate on doing this strategy if I have more time to spare.

    I just learned online Forex trading and I am just curious if the techniques here are also applicable to Forex. I am a complete newbie when it comes to this so I hope that you can give me some useful advise.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I don’t have much experience trading in the foreign exchange market, but it differs quite a bit from stock trading. I wouldn’t look to a service like Jason Bond Picks, which focuses on day and swing trading stocks under $10, for an education in forex concepts and techniques. The major difference is that there are only a handful of currency pairs that can be traded, while the stock market offers thousands of options for individual stocks.

  • Marios Tofarides says:

    I probably fit in the last two categories of investors. The Long Term Trading would be of a good use, The Millionaire Road-map might be worth a try. I wouldn’t like to spend too much time. I prefer the set-it-and-forget it methods.

    Matt, do you think Jason Bond Picks is good for me?


    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Marios. To be honest with you, I wouldn’t equate any service at Jason Bond Picks with a “set it and forget it” mentality, even the Long Term Trading service. To give you some perspective, the typical swing trade at JBP is about 1-4 days on average. For individuals that find this time horizon much too short, they tend to lean toward the Long Term Trading service. Keep in mind, though, that this service is still somewhat short-term in nature compared to your classic buy-and-hold approach. It’s certainly longer than day and swing trading, aiming for hold times of weeks to months, but you can’t really expect trades of 6-12 months or more from this service (which I’d say is the cutoff for “set it and forget it”).

      The closest match to a service with your classic “buy-and hold” methodology that I’ve reviewed here at Elite Swing Trading is Action Alerts Plus with Jim Cramer. At AAP, Cramer and his team research and trade blue-chip, dividend-generating stocks with long-term upside. One major point to consider is that 50-100%+ returns per year aren’t realistic with this strategy as they are with the shorter term outlook strategies being pursued at JBP.

  • John says:

    Thanks for this review on 4 ways that Jason Bond is helping traders beat the market. I have been interested in trading for quite a while and have been looking for a mentor to guide me. I think this is what I have been looking for. I like how Jason Bond teaches several methods to follow, I have always been a long-term trader, but I am very interested in swing and day trading!Thanks for bringing this to my attention. ~John

    • Matt Thomas says:

      No problem, John. The 4 service offerings at Jason Bond Picks certainly appeal to a great deal of traders, but every method (even his Long Term Trading service) is a short-term approach. He calls it Long Term Trading just to differentiate it from the Swing Trading service. His Swing Trading Strategy focuses on 1-4 day holds, while the Long Term Trading service aims to capture similar gains in weeks to months. But I don’t think you’ll ever see him hold any security for a year or more, which is your classic long-term, buy-and-hold approach. Just want to make sure what he has to offer is clear. Overall, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of an expert mentor like Jason Bond, especially as a Millionaire Roadmap client – no service can match the access and transparency that it provides.

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